Lee Min Ho broke up and Anita Yuen's micro-blog fell

Lee Min Ho Anita Yuen micro-blog Julian Cheung

tanzi· 2017-11-16 18:17:43

Lee Min Ho and Pei Xiuzhi broke up, together for more than two years, it was the high value of CP announced the dissolution, is also a pity!

" message from a showbiz official mouth came out, he said: "Lee Min Ho and Pei Xiuzhi recently broke up for personal reasons, to return to showbiz colleagues relationship", "img_box"

then broke the news was confirmed by both broker company, a hand is not a friend did not say, but at least, or colleagues, maybe have the possibility of cooperation?

" and the love powder: happy birthday celebration!

" Korean artists broke up because there is always a can't afford to get to the bottom of the stroke is not fun, busy service, "

" this time, Lee Min Ho and Suzy both brokers are said to be due to personal reasons, you may break up "emmmm… respectively, the trip back finally not pan!

, the funniest is Anita Yuen's micro-blog, id=.

Anita Yuen is Lee Min Ho's iron powder. In 2015, when Lee Min Ho announced his love affair, Anita Yuen was sad and miserable!

, she comforted himself in micro-blog, said, "don't cry", "nothing today". "I'm going to buy a bag."".

", "true love powder" everyday, it is really very touching!

Anita Yuen will take a photo with Lee Min Ho billboards, "

Lee Min Ho went to a concert in Hongkong, she also generous flowers blessing, before the

and Julian Cheung join the "time" you heard along the way, to see Lee Min Ho, Anita Yuen had almost passed out!

"content_img_p" after seeing Lee Min Ho, Anita Yuen cried, "img_box

[with idols hug,

" and Julian Cheung is a the face of the helpless,

" is the key, but also to help his wife and wife idol pictures,

photo, wife face or even kiss, "

"the Anita Yuen fans when the very good, so Lee Min Ho just broke up the news, netizens have overflowed the joy, captured Anita Yuen micro-blog's comments.

Anita Yuen is not love like life? Lee Min Ho broke up! Hurry up and buy a package!

see here, I have brain fill Anita Yuen left hand collapse, this Julian Cheung right hand broke Hermes picture, really is too image!

said: "there are friends Anita sister, Lee Min Ho still belongs to you! "

of Anita, sister of the man of God God is breaking up, Anita sister, count Julian Cheung, Anita Yuen duly completed life!

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