LOL can't rank, it's probably IQ

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zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-11-16 23:36:07

LOL, the "king of glory" and other MOBA games are often classified into different grades for the game player, users want to need to qualify through qualifying win promotion from silver to gold Dan, for most game player for platinum has been the bottleneck of Dan, put aside the director actor, the diamond, the master Dan is how to play up the game player.?

, a new study shows that those in the class MOBA game users usually obtain high rank in the regular intelligence test also can get high scores, LOL and DOTA of this type of game is similar to the IQ test, is the need to rely on memory and ability to make strategic decisions, which reflects the user's IQ in a certain extent.

researchers found that there is a strong correlation between the pen and paper intelligence test score skills level and standard of the league, and the chess table is similar to the test. Researchers through the analysis of game data from thousands of people come to the conclusion that the speed and precision of FPS games is higher than that of strategic requirements, and did not show a correlation with the same IQ, but researchers from the York University said that this does not mean that playing video games can make people smarter.

, that is, if MOBA games play well, it also means that you have a higher iq.

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