A large ship with four thousand tons of displacement can only be light Frigate?

Frigate Navy Britain helicopter

yangshixinwen· 2017-11-16 23:41:03

, in order to replace the old type 23 frigate, the British Navy gives two simultaneous implementation of the train of thought, these two ideas are monsters. One is the global combat ship, also known as the 26 frigate, with a full load displacement of more than 8000 tons. What is the concept of 8000 tons? It's basically as big as our modern destroyer. This practice of the British Empire, is a living to snatch the title of "frigate king".

, and the other is a smaller tonnage type 31 frigate, which will be formed with the 26 type frigate with high and low. Why is the frigate 31 a monster? A ship with 4000 tons or so, and many companies call it a light frigate. What's the name for the 4000 ton 054A and Perry class frigates?

" in Britain in 2015 just released 5 ship Corvettes demand, there are a lot of companies to bid, such as a star system given by the company, the name is also very strange, called the "Spartan" frigate. The name and type distribution of the Spartan frigate is strange, but it has to be said that it is a very beautiful frigate, elegant lines, concise appearance, which continues the British style.

"Sparta" type frigate side rear view. As a new generation of frigate design, the ship's weapon configuration is actually not much to say. The bow from the current point of view, MK45 is a type of naval gun system of BAE company, the harpoon anti-ship missile launchers, in the left side are two small caliber cannon. On the top of the hangar behind the ship, it is a "phalanx" near gun.

"module structure diagram of Sparta" frigate, from this point of view, it can be seen in its 127 mm gun in the rear, there are at least 8 units of the MK-41 vertical launch system. On the aft deck of the helicopter, a medium-sized helicopter can be docked. In addition to the ship borne helicopter in the hangar, there is also a MQ-8 "Fire Scout" uav. Later, the collocation of Shipborne helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicle should be standard configuration.

"Spartan" frigate tail compartment profile. As a multipurpose frigate, the frigate now to take care of the high-end combat needs, but also to deal with low intensity conflict, so put the cabin in the stern boat set of cloth, USV for, or on special operations forces.

" in the tail space, can be equipped with laying equipment including: USV, rigid inflatable boats, unmanned underwater vehicles and variable depth sonar etc.. On the whole, "Spartan" frigate is air defense, anti submarine and anti-ship combat swordsmen, especially if equipped with MK-41 vertical unit, many missiles can be used, such as a pit four bomb "advanced also sparrow", as well as the implementation of long-range land attack "battle axe".

, the British Royal Navy's type 23 frigate from 1985 to 1999, a total of more than 10 years of construction, there are 16 ships of the same class. 13 of them were in the British navy, and 3 were in the Chilean navy. Now, the type 26 escort ship with type 31 to replace type 23, is a more rational choice, because the type 26 frigate 1 billion 300 million pounds per unit, which is not cheap.

"Spartan" frigate, there is another opportunity, that is likely to export to the United states. The United States has made LCSS outrageous, and the Naval Sea systems command issued a multipurpose frigate, specifically: the speed of 16 knots, a range of 4500 to 6000 nautical miles; to provide for fleet escort missions between Europe and the United states. These requirements coincide with the British Navy's type 31 frigate program.

with the development of technology, the boundaries between frigates, destroyers and cruisers are becoming increasingly blurred. In fact, the name is no longer important, more important is the positioning and combat performance. The 26 frigate has begun to build two ships, and the British navy has yet to finalize the final option for the 31 frigate. But in appearance, "Spartan" frigate should be the most beautiful among all the schemes.

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