Iran cellar missile technology from China reputation

Missile Iran cellar reputation

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< p > the Washington free beacon "website 12 reported that, Iran's Mehr news agency released a video, the video shows through underground missile launch facilities on the actual launch short-range liquid fueled ballistic missile. Utilization of underground tunnel deployment of ballistic missile technology is first employed by the Chinese, and to show the Iranian underground cellar emission is found for the first time, if China is the same way to deploy a ballistic missile, it is necessary to re evaluate the actual equipment of intercontinental ballistic missiles, say experts in the United States. But observers net military commentator said that Iran's cellar launching mode is more like a "missile hit the city war" and design system for, fight could not be the true enemy attack, mainly the imaginary enemy may be its neighboring countries.

Iran underground preserved in various

>[missile from launch hole injection

Iran TV reporter Station in

missile launch not completely unable to see before launch

missile erected in the cellar, directed hole, visible above the wall may be only a few meters thick

missile under the crater may be below diversion groove

launch to close the door to the cellar, in a sealed state, so as to avoid gas leakage into the caverns and internal personnel and equipment to

cellar needs more space, so that the gas generated during missile launching full diffusion cooling, if emission more missiles, this space will need more"

of Iran's Revolutionary Guard commander inspected advanced missile launch condition


Qiam-1 missile launch is needed before fill in

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may be a "1 star" or "Star 2" missiles, may be the reason for filling the Qiam-1 missile's confidential information, picture

cave > Revolutionary Guards senior commanders are seen with wings "meteor 1", "meteor" and without wing missile Qiam-1. This showed that near the depot may have ground launch site, for the launch of the "meteor" missile < report said. The video is shot in March this year, can be seen in the video has a lot of ammunition stored in the underground tunnel. After the video switch to a concrete arch type in the cellar, you can see they are servicing a gold "Qiam-1" ("Uprising - 1) missile. Video, a news reporter said that in March 8th Iran "from the depths of the ground" launched a Qiam missile. The last picture, you can see from the top of the missile into the sky.

the international assessment and Strategy Center of military analyst Rick · Fisher said, this video is worrying. < p > "I think Iran is unlikely to independent invention of this technology, also is in a transmitter and hole cave of liquid fueled ballistic missile launch preparation technology, in this way, until the missile before launch, they can steer clear of any overhead surveillance. Fisher said. < p > "I suspect the launch way should be China's first to explore, if it is so, then we need to re evaluate our number of China's Dongfeng - 4 and DF-5 ICBM, they can attack the United States.

China, Iran, North Korea and other countries may use closed cave launch way in the decades to hide their large number of missiles.

"this cellar firing pattern may also be used by North Korea, Pyongyang will be able to hide their missiles, to avoid reconnaissance aircraft and satellite reconnaissance. Fisher said.

reported that Iran had also announced another two video display is also two different storage base. < p > Iran's state-run media quoted the Revolutionary Guard aerospace sector commander Ali & middot; Haji Zadeh said, Iran has many underground missile depot, distributed in multiple locations nationwide, some in-depth 1500 feet underground ($457 meters). And Revolutionary Guard Hussein & middot; salami will is in the video of the more detailed said Iran now has 14 underground missile depot, their depth in 90-1500 feet (about 27 meters - 457 meters).

reported that China has exposed its underground facilities in the television news, there are rumors that China's underground missile tunnel is known as the "the Great Wall", with a total length of 3000 miles (4828 km).

network picture, the underground cavern in China within the DF-4 long-range missiles, the range can be covering Guam, the future will be the Dongfeng missile - 26 replace < observation net of the person that military commentator said that the American media's argument is actually exaggerated, and even can be said to be close to the lack of common sense. < p > from the point of view of Iran the exposure of the video, the from the vault launched missile Qiam-1 may is designed to transmit a cellar, its shape looks and Iran earlier imitation of North Korea's "meteor 1" "meteor" similar are based on the Soviet Scud missile technology. But it is a 2010 to finalize the design of missile Qiam-1, with its rapid servicing capacity, launch preparation time from hours reduced to half an hour. Iran had repeatedly in the military exercises to show off the surface of the missile from the ground, but it is worth noting that the missile does not have any wings, which has a greater difference with other models of the missile. It can be speculated that this design is in order to avoid the missile flying out of the launch hole when the missile wing rub against the inner wall of the perforation.

cellar type launch in fact, in the early cold war has entered the main military powers of the line of sight. According to the related news, China has in the 1980s demonstrated the cellar launched, has started the construction of related facilities. At that time, taking into account possible is the cellar DF-4 missiles fired, because the DF-5 is unable to carry on the overall erection, only on the launch pad or emission well combined, cellar emission and no meaning. But later, because the construction of a large missile launch site is too large, expensive, and in order to allow the missile to take off, the launch site can not be too far from the ground. In this way, the cost of building a huge cellar launch site is likely to be destroyed by the enemy a missile, so in fact, there is no sense, the relevant facilities are therefore abandoned.

therefore ultimately China for the Dongfeng -5 missile construction and the United States, the Soviet Union similar to the launch of the well system, while the wind -4 is the use of tunnel, ground floor field ground floor field deployment mode. Today, for the DF-31 and DF-31A missiles and construction of the "great project" is actually located in multiple locations nationwide, deep underground cavern system. May each cavern hundreds of meters in length. It can be hold several cars launch vehicles, each of the tunnel is more concealed entrances, to avoid being paralyzed enemy attack, in the nuclear retaliatory, the departure of the missile from the tunnel, using ground Ping field emission. Compared to

Iranian missile Qiam-1 < / P > < p > < BR, Iran's cellar launch system is indeed possible today is unique. However, the actual intention may be to deal with the surrounding countries. < p > Iran in the Iran Iraq war once and Iraq were "missile hit the city war", a day on both sides to each other's capital launched several ballistic missiles. The purpose is to fight each other morale. Now, Iran is and its surrounding Sunni sent Muslim countries occurred "cold war", and the oil rich countries can purchase advanced fighter jets from the United States, Russia, on traditional Iranian missile launch facilities to form a greater threat, in this case, Iran through the cellar emission, high efficiency with range within 1000 km of the short-range missiles (Qiam-1 range estimated 750 km) to attack the opponent's major cities.

as for China's "the Great Wall" is not a 3000 mile long … … this is probably not a technical problem.

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