Remember the 12 net loan company at the age of 36 pregnant women by Dutch act notebook

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11 month 12 days, Weiyuan County of Neijiang City, even the town boundaries, a 36 year old pregnant woman Yemou entrust 3 year old son to her mother-in-law, leaving an own in Waiqian seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan debt, drank a bottle of pesticide Dutch act to death. A few days after the death of the family

Yemou, have received a number of net loan company's collection of phone, said Yemou previous net loan repayment is not scheduled to. The family name to Yemou in contact with each other for loan certificate to no avail, not repayment, net loan company Dunning information personnel immediately said: "the child is so cute, what he didn't want to. "

for families that net loan collection staff are" intimidation "behavior, they even suspect Yemou before Dutch act had been net loan collection" intimidation". At present, the local police have been involved in the investigation.

Chinese visual map according to the Dutch act pregnant women to drink pesticide Dutch act were killed, said a suicide note left outside owe a lot of money

since 4 years ago after getting married, lived in the town Yemou Lian Jie, returned to her home life to leave town about 4 kilometers occasionally. Husband Lee is a truck driver, usually in most of the time outside the sports car, stay at home very little time. "We have a 3 year old son who stays at home with children, and my mother occasionally goes to town for a while. "Lee said, in October this year, the wife found out pregnancy, suicide when already 2 months pregnant.

11 12, 10 pm, returned home with the son of her mother-in-law ye. Yemou mother-in-law Lin recalled that at that time, she worked in the back ground, Yemou with a grandson to find her. "She told me to take my grandson with me. She owes a lot of money outside, and seventy thousand or eighty thousand of them can't live.". "Lin said, she asked the wife why let her daughter-in-law owe, but conceal owe something to hide, not to be killed. "She also said that she bought the pesticide, and then finish the grandson first to (Lin) home run, we also went back home. "

went home and realized that something might happen. Lin felt he should contact his son as soon as possible. "I want to call my son, but I only get the call, and I can't get it. "More than 60 years old Lin said, she quickly ran out, looking for nearby villagers to help call.". Half an hour later, when she got back from the phone, her wife was lying outside her door, and her grandson was holding her hand.

at that time, Lee is in Yibin. After the news, Lee's sister and sister came to the scene, at the same time notify 120 ambulance personnel rushed to the scene. Lee's sister said, 1 pm the same day after she arrived on the scene, his wife also opened eyes, and temperature, they found a bottle of pesticide in the field of space. 120 ambulance personnel rushed to the scene, Yemou after she died.

"in the name of the family and Yemou Yemou called Jinhui financial net loan company collection staff WeChat chat screenshot

later, Yemou home is reported to the police, and find Yemou had left at home. The local police station to ask after being locked away Yemou password, mobile phone, notebook related artifacts and pesticide suicide.

Ye husband and father of the two letter was written for them Yemou left two people. In the letter, Yemou in expressions of guilt and apologized and said he cheated, owe a lot of money on the outside, but did not dare to give parents and husband said. She said in her suicide note that she had prepared pesticides more than a month ago.

11 15, will be buried in the family Yemou home. Police confirmed that indeed Yemou drank pesticide "debt and pesticide Dutch act, in more than a month ago ready for the content of the suicide note".


family received a number of net loan collection calls, loans 1000 to 4000 range

Yemou Dutch act the same day at 3 pm, Lee in the way back home from Yibin, received a number to show ownership of Anhui Chizhou phone. "The other party gave me my name and my wife's name, and said my wife had ordered a parcel from them, but I couldn't get in touch with my wife, and I wanted to contact my wife for it. "Lee said, but he said to himself, and asked where to take the package, the other said his wife know. "I thought I was a liar, and I had no control.

however, on the 13 day, ye husband and father, husband's sister and sister have received a number to show ownership of Beijing, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Guangdong and other places of the telephone. "There are about 6 net loan company said that she (Yemou to these companies on the Internet) before the loan, ranging from 1000 yuan to more than 4000 yuan. "Ye relatives said, the other party called said Yemou to borrow money overdue, do not contact her. However, when they ask for a loan certificate to each other, some only to borrow the date and amount of content, there is no IOU, contracts and other documents; some said the need to go through Alipay or WeChat repayment, to get the certificate.


families receive SMS Yemou Lee and provide recordings of phone and SMS and WeChat information shows that since 13, a number of Jinhui financial net loan company Yemou people claiming to be family members, more noisy company specialized. Said Yemou earlier in the online loan, the loan amount of each company in 1000

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