Pornographic live platform checked, someone still responsible for research and development

Live broadcast female anchor Yueyang Zhejiang

yangshixinwen· 2017-11-17 08:12:57

recently, Hunan Yueyang regulatory authorities seized a "wolf friend" pornographic live broadcast platform. The live platform uses the so-called "red anchor" for pornographic performance for profit, within 3 months of operation time, attracted more than 17 people registered, platform browsing millions of times, involving more than ten million yuan.

to evade regulatory broadcast platform operations a month becomes

according to the national anti pornography office to provide clues, law enforcement officers from the start of social networking account, a company called "long Shun network technology company launched an investigation.

according to its official website, Yueyang long Shun Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in October 18, 2016, is a collection of mobile game software development, promotion and operation of comprehensive network technology Co., ltd.. But in the survey found that from the beginning of May this year, the company's illegal online operating live platform, the initial name of "wolf friend", after 1 months of operation, it was renamed "dream"".

, deputy director of the Yueyang Municipal Cultural Bureau staff Hu Zhibo: we live on the "dream"

download after landing on the platform for a large number of evidence, they found inside this platform are all pornographic performances.

according to clues, Yueyang police quickly locked the Yellow live platform operators Wang Mougang et al., and its arrest and justice.

network company on behalf of the development of jurisprudence broadcast platform

Wang Mougang said, this set of broadcast system of wolf friends and not their own development, but from the Zhejiang Hangzhou gold kylin Co. Ltd. to buy. After charging 40 thousand yuan, the company sent a complete live broadcast system to Wang Mougang.

is understood, "Kirin Kirin Network Technology Co., Ltd.", is a specialized in website development, APP development, Internet services in one of the network technology companies, its main project includes the development of live webcast system. Police found that in the "wolf friend" live platform in the early test stage, the actual operation period, the company not only provides full technical support, but also provides a complete supporting services.

live Platform Developer Xu Sheng:

you want to function can be developed, as long as it is theoretically possible to achieve. Compared to the free function, drag racing function, private function, and even wheat function, function is very much.

"drag racing" function covers the Yellow broadcast

Xu Sheng's "drag racing" function, refers to the Yellow broadcast live platform settings private viewing function. In the "wolf friend" live car racing section, the user only recharge, you can enter, watch 1 minutes to collect 10 gold coins, 10 gold coins worth 1 yuan.

adultury broadcast platform set this function, the first is to profit, the second is to function in a private hidden, live more blatant pornographic performances.

Yueyang Public Security Bureau Case Investigation Brigade police Liu Jixiang:

some anchors in order to attract more customers, actively asked customers to send gifts. You give more gifts, and the scale of performance will be greater.

"family long" is responsible for recruiting yellow anchor

, someone funded operating platform, a company development and maintenance platform, some people on the platform to promote, then, on the platform of Huang performance of the so-called "network red" female anchor and the parties are how profit sharing into it?

in fact, there is a key middle role between the so-called "red web" female anchor and live broadcast platform: "family long."". "Family long" in the hands of a large number of women involved in the Yellow anchor resources, they are mainly responsible for and "wolf friend" live platform such as cooperation and profit sharing. It is understood that with the "wolf friend" live broadcast cooperation "family long" at least 6.

" in addition, the jurisprudence will continue to show anchor conversion platform in "family" "recommended", in order to increase the visibility of some of the so-called "Red Net" jurisprudence female anchor, and even become a number of jurisprudence the object of competition broadcast platform.

Yueyang Public Security Bureau Case Investigation Brigade police Liu Jixiang:

, these platform anchors are mostly family long belt over, the family will build an anchor group, will be from other live platform to dig people. Family long anchor is a management relationship between the interests of the community, platform performance gains, family long 20%, anchor 50%.

at present, the Yueyang city police have been in Heilongjiang, Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, captured the main suspect Wang Mougang, Xu mouming, Wu 12 people, to identify suspected pornographic broadcast anchor reached more than 200, involving over ten million yuan.

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