The unveiling of the statue of Chinese laborers in Belgium during World War I salutes 140 thousand forgotten great men

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-11-17 09:17:24

Qu (left), were unveiled for the statue.

] [global network reporter Zhao Jiandong reported local time on November 15th, the government of Belgium to commemorate a war laborers 3 statue officially opened, government officials and the British ambassador to Belgium, together with the visiting French border city Poppe Lin He, to pay tribute to the statue.

according to the "east net" of Hongkong reported in November 16th, after the outbreak of World War I, 140 thousand Chinese laborers were sent to the main battlefield of Europe in the same year, to assist Britain, France and France as the head of the Allies engaged in digging trenches, repair weapons and rescue the wounded and other labor work. It is reported that in 1916 to 1918 years, tens of thousands of Chinese laborers face during the fire, responsible for repair and rescue work, the main battlefield in Belgium, at least 20 thousand laborers by enemy bombs hit, and labor The climate does not suit one. and other reasons, kesiyixiang or missing.

China ambassador in Belgium said Qu Xing, whenever I think of peasant class background in Chinese overseas daily struggle, blood and tears to work at least 12 hours, his heart was filled with a thousand regrets. The statue designer Yan Shufang hopes that the great deeds of Chinese laborers in Europe can be delivered from oppression "".

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