Russian Air Force Commander from the army? Once in jail for 7 months from Chechnya to Syria

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2017 in November, according to Russian media reports, the 51 year old Zorro admiral Wiggin Sergei Vladimirovich was appointed commander of the Russian air force. Then, the origin of the army of the young group of senior generals in the end what excellences, the resume and what a wonderful surprise? This paper interprets.

Zorro Viking was born in October 11, 1966 in Novosibirsk city is located in the Far East, in 1987, he graduated from the Omsk Higher Military Command School and won the gold medal. In August 1991, he was promoted to Taman second guards motorized infantry division and the division of a battalion, known as "the Soviet Army's elite troops," look, the 25 year old young captain's career seems bright.

, who knows a few days later, Zorro Viking will stall. At that time, Zorro Viking was ordered to department (with 20 BMP-1 and 1 BRDM-2 infantry fighting vehicles and armored reconnaissance vehicle) to Moscow Garden Ring traffic alert task execution. As a result, 3 young people were killed on August 21, 1991 night in the garden ring tunnel. Things calm, as the scene commander Zorro Viking was arrested, after trial for 7 months. But eventually he was exempt from prosecution because he was loyal to the army and acted on orders. Not only that, in accordance with the order, Russian President Vladimir Boris Yeltsin personally, he was also promoted Yeltsin, said "the immediate release of Zorro Viking".

" by the Supreme Commander despite the favor, but the Viking Zorro Zaoxin thing but a pile after pile. In September 1995, during the study in Frunze military academy, he was being sued by the military court of Moscow garrison was accused of illegal sale, possession of firearms and ammunition and sentenced to 1 years in prison. Fortunately, later Zorro 'successful prosecution, wash the unrighted wrong.

however, it still affected his official career. Although he graduated from the Frunze military academy with excellent grades, but not routinely get promoted, but has been sent to Tajikistan to continue to be a common motorized infantry battalion, rooted in Central Asia works is five or six years. However, gold will shine, due to the excellent work, Zorro Viking gradually promoted, served as chief of staff of ninety-second motorized infantry regiment, 149th guards motorized infantry regiment chief of staff and head, 201st motorized infantry division chief of staff and other staff. During this period, Solo Wiggin witnessed the battle with the rebels and the extreme armed forces, and accumulated a lot of actual combat experience.

2000 Putin became president of Russia, to promote the reform of the military to revive the Russian military, it is in this background, the Zorro Viking re entered the top view. In 2002, called the "Curve Wrecker" him third times with honors from the Russian General Staff Academy graduation. In general, most of the officers who can be sent to the highest military academy in Russia will be promoted and reused. Indeed, Zorro Viking after graduation was appointed thirty-fourth motorized infantry division (in Yekaterinburg city), and was promoted to the rank of major general.

of course, if the industry is too smooth prosperity, it is not su Viking. There are rumors that Zorro in April 2004, Viking deputy commander office and military equipment shot on the spot for a deputy commander Alexander Stekar, but the news has not been officially confirmed. No matter how the truth, anyway, Zorro Viking continue in one's favor, so no career is also affected by what, from June 2004 to 2005, he served as ambassador to Chechnya's forty-second guards motorized infantry division, commanding troops and separatist militants fighting in the front line of anti-terrorism military exercise can be further improved.

2005 to April 2012, Zorro Viking served as the twentieth Army (in Voronezh city), first deputy commander General Staff training, director general of the Volga Ural military chief of staff of the central military chief of staff and other staff, also rose to the rank of lieutenant general. In 2012, he was ordered to set up a gendarmerie belonging to the Russian Ministry of defense, and became the head of the first military police bureau, and his friend, Russian composer Vladimir Srepak created a song "Sir" to congratulate him.

2012 October, Zorro Viking served as the eastern part of the Russian military first deputy commander and chief of staff. 1 years later, the 47 year old Zorro Viking to replace Sitenko as the eastern military commander, and was awarded the rank of general. The eastern military area has the largest jurisdiction in the 4 army area of Russia, and its main opponents are Japan, South Korea and the US troops stationed in Northeast Asia, and the strategic position is very important. It can be said that Zorro Viking began to assume responsibility to revitalize the military, and he also take practical action to carry out its mission.

office, Zorro Viking tough attitude towards japan. In April 18, 2014, the Soviet Union told the media that Russia will build more than 150 military facilities in the Kuril Islands by 2016. "In June 2016, he openly said," Russia 2020
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