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, "slave market" in Libya, "slave" map, according to United Nations micro-blog

"800, 900, 1000, 1100… …" in the video, the auctioneer shouted loudly. Finally, the auction price of 1200 dinars to Libya, about $800. But the auction was not a second-hand car, a piece of land or a piece of furniture, not any commodity, but two people.

, this is a slave auction in Libya, according to CNN. Slave auction, a thing that sounds far away from modern society, still exists in the world.

China Ministry of commerce website article shows, this "slave auction" occurred, Libya, ranked first in North Africa in 2013, the first global "slave index", Libya has about 17693 people living in slave like conditions, the actual number may be as high as 19000.


auction site of a man with a "strong and suitable for farm work" the reason to be auctioned, afraid to let them doubt this video every person you meet in

CNN, one of which is the auction of unidentified man from Nigeria, he looks more than 20 years old, wearing a white shirt and a pants. Auctioneer said he was auctioned off for "strong and suitable for farm work".

watched the slave auction video, and CCN went to Libya to check the authenticity of the video and investigate the "slave auction" event. Last month, CNN reporter arrived in Libya to see a group of people have been sold in six or seven minutes in a house outside the city in the capital tripoli.

"does anyone need a digger? This is a digger, a strong man. He'll dig.". "An auctioneer shouted," 500, 550, 600, 650… … "as the price changed, the buyers kept lifting their hands. But in just a few minutes, it was all over, and the man who gave in to his fate was handed over to his new owner". At the end of the

auction, the CNN reporter met two men who had been auctioned off. They were so frightened by their own experience that they couldn't speak, afraid to let them suspect everyone they met.

(2) "slave" hope to many

source of refugees and immigrants in Europe has unfortunately become a smuggler's "slave"

every year there are tens of thousands of people flocked to the Libya border from the Libya border, including refugees fleeing the conflict, there are economic migrants, they hope to find better opportunities in europe. Most of them sell everything they own to support the journey from the Libya border to the gates of europe.

, a young man waiting in a transit center in Niger. He and his brother went back to Europe after failing to escape to Europe, but with the recent crackdown on the coast guard in Libya, more and more ships were unable to reach the sea, and a large number of potential passengers were taken by the smugglers in the hands of

. Finally, smugglers became masters, and immigrants and refugees who wanted to arrive in Europe became slaves in their hands". The evidence taken by

CNN has been submitted to the government of Libya, and the other side promised to investigate. Libya anti illegal immigration agencies first lieutenant Nasser. Hazhamu (Naser Hazam) said in an interview with the CNN, although he had witnessed a slave auction, but he acknowledged that organized gangs are the trafficking of migrants and refugees. "These refugees and immigrants are full of ships carrying only 100 people, some of them may arrive in Europe, maybe not. "Hazam said," but smugglers don't care about it, they get money, and they may get to Europe, or they may die on the sea.

CNN reporters noticed that these auctions took place in a seemingly normal town in Libya, where people lived a normal life. Children play in the streets, people go to work, chat with friends, cook for their families. But the normal slave auction seemed to have returned to slavery, and the only difference was that the immigrant wrist and ankle had not been shackled.

parties say > > >

he was held, is waiting to be sent back to Nigeria

"if you look at most of the people here, their physical examination, you will find that they had been beaten mark"

Anes Alazabi is a Tripoli detention center supervisor, many going to arrive from Libya European immigrants and refugees here will be deported. He said he had heard a lot of stories about smugglers abusing immigrants. He said, "every day I can hear new stories from people's mouths.".

here, there's a captive immigrant named Victory (Vitoria) who is a young man. Tired of rampant corruption in Nigeria, 21 years old, he fled his hometown, spent one year and four months and his lifetime savings, trying to reach europe. But he ended up at the Libya border, where he said he was imprisoned with other immigrants in harsh conditions, without food or even abuse. "You look at most of this

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