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Faker fish SKT wins while chasing a trend which cannot be halted to get match point!

The match point the upper hand the tsar nurse

tuwanwang· 2016-05-13 22:46:35

RNG vs SKT semi final match report came to third of the game, RNG is still not put on the thorny nurse Ban off. Or will the Minotaur and sent to the Ban tree. And SKT here is exactly the same Ban people. So the lineup, RNG is to come up with the SKT used in the wild combinations of the use of the. On the road Looper is to get the signature hero Bobbi! And auxiliary, Mata choice of a hand day female, it seems to want to limit the role of the stars in the group war. SKT here Faker and took out a small fish. The road is still mother and mother 'star wheel combination. So the game narrowed down to RNG, BO3 can successfully take it, let us wait and see. Came to the third game < / P > < p > / > semifinals RNG vs SKT game battlefield

SKT start RNG strong grasp of on the line, the harvest of some of the lead on the knife. But because the RNG wave of the initiative is to seize the opportunity to transfer errors, Faker, took a double play. Then down the road, SKT and the use of double transfer, once again take two heads, took the rhythm of the game. But the tenacious RNG, with Wuxx the upper hand, and the control of multiple female Tanzania, the first seconds off the nurse. Finally hit 2 in the pursuit of 4! The situation pulled back.

Faker is worthy of the devil, in the observation of the game situation, decided to make the murder book. Followed by a wave of SKT to steal the dragon was blocked by RNG, but RNG was hit by a wave of SKT 3 for 5. And after the road Mata is faker to feed the fish away, tiger is Ike controlled seconds away! No skills Wuxx is together with, the triple play of the harvest wheels mom, SKT success with dragon. At this point, the economic gap between the two sides has been quite different. Class= img_box "

in the end, RNG although the opportunity to catch a second off SKT C dual, get a wave of opportunities for advancement. But SKT after the resurrection of a wave of anti hit, is to let the wheel mom once again took the 3 kill, and directly took the RNG base crystal. SKT won the king of the mountain battle, congratulations to the SKT, a big score 2:1 temporarily lead.

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