What dishes do you eat in summer?

Summer eat what vegetables recipes summer weather comparison hot often will cause appetit

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summer weather is hot, often caused by poor appetite, decreased appetite, constipation and other symptoms or even angry, so the summer diet should pay attention to detoxification and refreshing, especially children in the home should be more attention, to avoid children lit symptoms, we have the following try to understand what does summer eat good food?


first recommended bitter gourd scrambled eggs, bitter melon and egg production convenient, have a good conditioning effect on the body, have good heat relieve inflammation effect, can prevent fire prevention, sore throat, have very a good role in promoting the inflammatory fluid metabolism.

second is purple potato, which is a practice of relatively simple dishes, purple sweet potato nutrition is very rich, can promote digestion, improve immunity, in addition to balsam pear, have very good for detoxification of bitter gourd effect, in the summer to eat some very good conditioning effect.

in the summer can also eat melon shrimp soup, shrimp is very high nutritional value, rich in quality protein, while the content of VC in melon is very rich, is rich in dietary fiber, together to make soup, have good water diuresis, prevent constipation. The role, also has good effect on improving immunity.

for children with relatively poor appetite when you can do Orange Juice tomato white gourd balls, this dish is the biggest characteristic of the water diuresis, relieving heat and fire, but also can stimulate the appetite, promote digestion, can be said to be the color aroma and taste.

more than a simple understanding of what to eat good food in the summer, the summer weather is hot, prone to heat symptoms, easily lead to get angry, causing sore throat symptoms, and even lead to heat cold, so we must pay attention to detoxification in the summer time, let me pay attention to hot weather so, in the diet should eat some cold food, some vitamins and trace elements in food.

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