"Star Wars: the front 2" purchase Khorium Beidui, Blizzard is behind a taunt to EA?

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youxiputao· 2017-11-17 19:54:29

recently, EA is in dire straits and the game player condemnation, the reason is today (November 17th) officially launched the "Star Wars Battlefront 2" krypton gold purchase caused dissatisfaction, but on the other side, Blizzard announced the "StarCraft 2" "freedom campaign" can be downloaded for free smooth play, in November 16th to achieve free obedience.

"Star Wars: the front 2" on the occasion, krypton gold purchase by the game player crazy Tucao in Reddit, for example, a senior unlock time the hero is 40 hours, while charging money can greatly shorten the time of unlocking. In this regard, a large number of players expressed dissatisfaction on twitter, but also on the scoring website also gives a large number of low score difference.

's final solution is that EA had to announce the temporary cancellation of all the purchase settings within the game on the date of global release in November 17th, and said it would change the mechanism to the next line. In this

EA game player and the "mutual resentment" disputes, Blizzard also added a. Blizzard StarCraft on the official twitter news: to unlock the complete StarCraft 2: Wings of freedom campaign, you need the game time is zero". Similar news bursts of three, which can be said to be a deep public opinion of the EA irony, coupled with the "StarCraft 2" free news seems to be virtually invisible and EA recent game purchase situation contrast.

" of course, Blizzard is not completely up to stand on the commanding heights of ridicule EA, Belgium recently on "pioneer" Gaming Commission watch "Star Wars:" before the line "smoke box" on suspicion of gambling thing to carry out the investigation, if the filing by blizzard. EA, the company will face to the Belgian government paid hundreds of thousands of euros in tax results. So, there's no one to sneer at about the purchase of krypton.

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