This American girl was mayor of Guizhou. When she got HIGH, what did she do for her folks?

USA live broadcast Guizhou travel

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days ago, a American girl when the mayor in Guizhou a short video of the fire, the girl in the video talk, more surprisingly, she speaks Mandarin, tongue twisters also slipped than many Chinese.

"'s mayor in china. I for map

this girl in what position? Why do you want to be mayor of Guizhou? Star News learned that the girl in the video is called in America, is the Communication University of China broadcasting department graduate student, this year in the CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party, she sang a song "the moon represents my heart".

"in Sino US jump Miao dance. Video provided by me

beauty "rotating mayor"

daily live, take a short video to promote tourism town

in the United States and China as mayor of the place, in Guizhou province Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture Danzhai County, a tourist town. The town was opened to the outside world in July this year, and the global recruitment of "rotating mayor"". "Rotating mayor" will serve as a small town Promotion Ambassador, to the town "duty" for a week, support the construction and development of small towns.

China and the United States are the sixteenth "rotating mayor" of the town, where everyone likes to call her mayor of China and america.

"Danzhai deputy magistrate Li Bai as the new mayor awarded. During the period of the interview with

as mayor, in order to promote the town, China and the United States were able to do everything possible. She brought 10 people to play, live bullfighting competition, live to do chicken meat burger, personally experience local batik, ancient papermaking, teach local people to jump the American dance, and through micro-blog, short video and other forms of dissemination.

China and the United States in the interview with Red Star News, said, as "rotating mayor" during the day, together with the neighbors, do cock fighting hamburger, batik, papermaking, "although busy, but very happy."".

Jiang Fangfang is a town and with the assistant to the mayor, she told Star News, China not only looks beautiful, but also work particularly hard to serve as "mayor's" period, the schedule is very tight, to live every day, shooting a short video, sometimes early on to go out, to the early morning before returning to live place.

in 7 days, and full of harvest, in addition to the local society, pheasant dance batik and embroidery heritage crafts. More importantly, she and her team made 20 short films, have more than 10 live, let more people know and understand the tourist town.

Mandarin "slip" or net red

lively ground air, tourists queuing up with her photo,

Jiang Fangfang said, China and the United States is particularly lively, very grounded, see what is curious, tourists are very fond of her. On the first day of

, Jiang Fangfang accompanied us to a special snack bar in the town. As soon as the door came in, the waiter held the tea cup and sang the song to the new mayor. After drinking two cups of tea, they sang an English song, and put the tea set on the stool by the waiter, and hugged the waiter.

then, China and the United States came to the streets to compete with tourists to eat chili. She asked the visitor if she could eat and turn around, and the tourists said, "no," she joked. "Try it". Meanwhile, another tourist came up and asked, "who is the new mayor?" and the assistant pointed to the Chinese and American who were eating chili.

, the tourist was surprised, "when you were a young man, he was a foreigner, and I was going to take a picture with you."."

"'s mayor in china. I came to

with a pile of bread, and I came to a shop selling chicken, and everyone looked curious. She put oil into the wok, fried the chicken meat in it, fried the chicken meat in the middle of two pieces of bread, and cried loudly, "everybody is coming to eat the game of hamburger," which makes everyone laugh.

makes Jiang Fangfang even more surprised, as a foreigner, China and the United States speak a fluent standard Mandarin, "said than I still slip."".

Red Star News found that China and the United States were born in Dalian in August 4, 1994, and their parents were engaged in education in china. Born in China, her parents named her "Sino American", although she returned to the United States when she was a child, she always insisted on learning Chinese after she returned to china. In 2011, China and the United States as exchange students to Beijing Normal University two attached high school, after studying dance and literature in Beijing Normal University, now studying for graduate students in Communication University of China.

, explaining why he speaks fluent Mandarin, says, "if you take this name, you must be able to speak Chinese, otherwise it will be very strange."."

actually, before China became the mayor, there was little fame in China and america. In this year's CCTV mid autumn evening party, 23 year old she, with Wang Xiaomin, David, Hao Ge chorus song "the moon represents my heart". In a APP, she was a red net, doggerel, tongue twisters, show host, she is very good at.

Jiang Fangfang said, many tourists see China and the United States, want to take a picture with her, when people are more, but also queuing, "elected mayor of the mayor, Yan values are very high, but not like her, there are so many people want to take a photo with her."."

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