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in the United States, children regardless of age, are important family members, so tell their children that they should take responsibility in the family is very important, and bear the housework is the best way. < who grew up on the lazy, do not love work people, grew up no more hardship, independent oneself ability, work achievement flatly. < so pushy parents from the child mention should be for the children to create an environment and conditions, to the child were early labor training, let the child to do things within its capacity, let the children to generate a pair of industrious hand, benefit their life.

1, let children feel their importance

cater to stage this kid eager to be seen as an adult needs and told him that his work on family to bring great help, will therefore save more time, let the whole family entertainment.

2, give the child to provide the right to choose

provide a list of all he can do the housework for your child and let him / her to choose her own in which one or two of work, which will make him / her feel own choice and control of power.

3, the task and meticulous, and give the child to do demonstration

to split a task into a number of steps (the toys in the toy box, put the book on the shelf neatly and so on), so he can exact understanding your requirements.

in addition, the parents should give their children to do the demonstration, answer all of his questions until he can independently complete.

4, forget the perfectionism

for this age children, the positive participation is more important than the results. If your child does not wash the socks clean enough, wipe the table is not bright enough, do not criticize his work, criticism will defeat the child's self-esteem, but also to reduce his willingness to cooperate with others.

5, give the child to do a good example

parents don't when a child complains of housework to do the tedious and boring, it will give the child to convey a message, do the housework is a very terrible thing.

6, do not force the child

do not use forced way, give the child to stay a relaxation process or a little room. For example, "I can let you play for ten minutes, ten minutes, you must immediately go to your desk. "This way.

7, a reasonable arrangement of all tasks

for preschool children, repeat do something will make the child feel boring. So should continue to change the content of the task, but not to break the traditional division of labor, such as the boy dragged the kitchen, the girl let her do some need to work carefully.

8, the space for the child to develop

once the child has mastered the previous to his / her work, it should be given to him / her to put forward higher requirements to expand his / her work scope.

for example, he should be able to skillfully complete the laundry before sorting work, and that under your guidance, you should let him learn how to use the washing machine.

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