20 years of gout in men, live pain, death, gout, five major dietary taboos!!!

20 years of gout in men live pain death gout five major dietary taboos

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gout, this disease is really often make people feel pain, especially when it happens, the pain can not be achieved by people can not understand, a man gout 20 years, the results of “ live pain ” gout is so terrible? Of course not, gout is the most important diet, pay attention to diet, plus medication can be. Gout has five major food taboos, gout should pay attention to. 20 years of gout in men, live pain, death, gout, five major dietary taboos.

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Zhejiang Dongyang, an 5 year old man, 20 years to get gout, is addicted to alcohol and tobacco to eat fish, and not on the hospital, pain painkiller, and rotten to bandage, gout results due to multiple organ failure the rescue is still unable to make improvements, alive killing. The doctor laments, gout and three “ ” the same is a disease of the wealthy, once suffering, must not let things drift, if the man can eat a healthy diet, quit alcohol, exercise and weight control, combined with drug therapy, it is not the result.

gout 20 years refused medical treatment, and to put

rotten things have to start from 20 years ago, when at the age of 34 years when the master Du, R & F wins, a busy home, joint pain is not, on the hospital check, gout. At the beginning, Du master can cooperate with the treatment. But after him from making inquiries that the gout can not break roots, and is contraindicated. Under this, master Du's heart is depressed, what does it mean to live like this? So simply put the heart a cross, this disease is not cured, broken pot break throw it.

then, master Du every day drink half a catty to catty liquor, smoke all day, fish eat fish, meat meat, shrimp, do not avoid, white beer is not divided, so clear to “ ” over the past twenty years.

is now the old Du's weight from 140 pounds down to 100 pounds, skinny body; emaciation with sallow complexion, long out of the bag piece a big pain, such as table tennis, hands and feet are everywhere, every once in a while and attack, the pain of piercing.

, but old Du still can't go to the hospital! Can not walk on the bed; pain can not help but eat painkillers, a piece of two pieces of three pieces. Family in the eyes, but also twist master Du temper, “ don't know how many times, no use! ”

, the last two years, Lao Du's hands and feet began to fester, but still refused to go to the hospital, who advised him who scolded, debaucjed of wound dressing, dressing son called his wife. However, the root cause is not the exception, what can change? The result is festering more and more severe, finally, fingers and toes are few rotten.

in fact, systemic pain, ulceration is only a manifestation of the surface, really endanger the old Du's life, or gout caused the functional problems of various organs.

in recent years, Lao Du's condition is more and more heavy, pain of bone invasion, attack them like worms gnawing bones. In October 15th, Du Shifu, who was dying, was carried to the Dongyang people's Hospital by his family. Dr.

found that the condition of Lao Du, in addition to the general performance of gout, heart, lungs, kidneys and other functions have been failure, gout destroyed his internal organs. Despite all this, the doctor gave him all his help, but it was too late. In the early morning of the second day, Du Du passed away.

gout can prevent breaking, the pot broken break consequences are very serious,

“ gout can prevent the treatment, Du master's situation is regrettable. &rdquo, Dr. Hu, who was involved in the rescue, said that if the old Du could go to the hospital for medical treatment, he would not have died so soon.

said that gout is caused by purine metabolic disorders, although there are many complications, but such as early treatment is generally difficult, but in the late stage of uric acid widely diffuse deposition in the tissue, it may occur renal dysfunction, and even renal failure. The misery of master Du should arouse people's attention.

said, in fact, gout and three “ ”, is a disease of the wealthy, once &ldquo around ” gout;, must not let things drift, lifestyle changes, including eating a healthy diet, quit alcohol, exercise and weight control is the key to treatment, coupled with drugs, the condition can be controlled on a good level.

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