At present, the new mobile phone is no longer guaranteed the latest version of Android

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cnBeta· 2017-11-18 04:14:11

OnePlus 5T and Razer Phone are two entirely different devices, but they all have a downside, that is, they will all be available for sale this month, without installing the latest version of Android. OnePlus will tell you that this problem is due to its rigorous testing process, and Razer provides a similar statement, but it means to provide Android 8 Oreo as quickly as possible. But it's been three months since Google released Android 8 Oreo in the summer, and all of these statements look more like excuses.

now Android smartphone companies think they can release new devices without the latest and best operating system version. Android's notorious fragmentation problem has always existed, and not all devices can get the latest updates at the same time. Many devices are stuck on older software without any updates. What's happening in

now is that new Android smartphones are starting to install the old version of the operating system, and OnePlus 5T and Razer Phone are two examples. There are millet Mi Mix 2, also using the older Android 7.1 operating system. But if you buy a brand new HTC U11 Plus, then you might get Android 8 Oreo.

when Google releases Android 8 have told everyone that Android now has notification decoration application icon, faster startup time, better power efficiency, a new notification priority grouping, and all other internal improvements, but we look at the following charts, you can see by the end of November 9th, Android accounted for Oreo equipment is only 0.3%.

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