The child is too rebellious to manage? The ten trick!

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reverse is every child will experience, want to let the children often Dong he happens to the west, not scold not, there is no gas method. In fact, rebellious children cannot treat in take head-on the way, this can only make his mentality more strongly. Too much parental reaction would give him the wrong feeling that when he said no, he could get more attention from his parents, so he would use this way more to attract his parents' attention. So what strategies do parents need to deal with rebellious children? Try the following:

1, a little humor, so that the atmosphere is no longer so serious and serious.

if you want children into the bath, but he refused to go, if you will be forced him into the tub, or scolding him up, let him go to the bathroom, then things would be very bad. At this time, wish to give their children a little humor: "bath booing, see who the calf runs quickly, tell your little ass, let him sit in the bathtub. "The language that is different from the usual will bring a fresh feeling to the child, so he will be happy to accept the advice of his parents.

2, let children relax vigilance.

if the child what things are not, you can give him some special ridiculous choice, has led him to say "no", this time does not stop, he would relax their vigilance, will focus on those ridiculous questions, so you can take advantage of the opportunity to find him into you want him to go place, or let him do you want him to do.

3, turn tasks into fun games.

kids love games, and if they turn tasks into games, they'll be happy to accept them. For example, he always doesn't want to go to the bathroom, so he always wet his pants, and parents can estimate him to go to the toilet, and carry him up: "now I'm going to carry this gun and let him shoot bullets in the toilet.". "Such a suggestion would soon make his child forget him, and follow you obediently. So the task of going to the toilet has become an interesting game, and he won't be able to say anything.

4, let the children willing to accept the task.

prepares books for his children, or makes interesting stories for him to make his job one of his expectations. Or the parents do the demonstration, but they don't ask him to do it. He's curious because of curiosity.

5, the use of children's rebellious psychology. When

wants a child to do something, speak back to what he wants to do. At this point, he may do what you want.

sometimes, the child doesn't understand the real intention of his parents, and he will not hesitate to say "no". So, when you tell a child about a task, look at the child and give him the task very seriously, so that he will understand that you are not joking with him, and that he won't be able to say it casually.

6, take turns with the kids.

because parents do the same thing, and everyone has the opportunity to do such things, and must follow certain rules to do, so that he will find it very interesting, generally willing to accept the advice of parents.

7, snubbing children.

if the child doesn't listen to his parents' advice, ignore him, let him off his parents' notice, and make him feel bored. After a while, he will understand that this is not a good way to attract his parents' attention, so he will try to change.

8, kids generally love to come by themselves.

therefore, when children say no, parents can think of ways to encourage him to take advantage of this opportunity to show his ability, and he will be happy to come.

9, an attempt to take responsibility for children.

if the family has a little brother, little sister, encourage children to be a good example of a little brother, little sister, he will try to play this role.

when mom says, "can you show your little brother how you eat?" the child must be happy to give the little brother a chance to eat.

10, giving children the chance to choose.

when you want a child to do something, you'd better give him two choices. One is what you want him to do, and the other thing is what he doesn't like. Usually, kids choose what you want him to do.

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