Chinese version "please answer 1988" is coming soon

South Korea please answer 1988 our adolescence

yulebaixiaosheng· 2017-11-18 04:33:10

at the beginning of this month, a remake of "please answer 1988" urban emotional drama "adolescence" we finished, the story is mainly about the end of the 80s Southern Town, five families in two generations of ordinary and extraordinary life, warm and touching history and pure years.

as early as June this year, exposed China will remake the "please answer 1988" news, there are many netizens jumped out of question.

"our adolescent" boot ceremony and starring

after all "1988" please answer is through the story of young people, to show the common memories of a South Korean era and appearance of a generation, these stories are the name of South Korea is deeply "". To remake "please answer 1988" into Chinese version, it is not only the dress, the songs, the games, the parents' profession, the interpersonal relationship, and the plot, but also the local transformation.


1988". Please answer the questions is not only the Chinese netizens in the end can remake of the successful ", more and more people are concerned about the problem is:" we "what is a remake of puberty or plagiarism? Is it copyrighted?

the answer, of course, is no..

" to see the show in the summary record of radio and television, and please answer "basic 1988" in the same framework, not to acquire copyright case, "our" or by "adolescent" please answer 1988 gimmick hype when the film, broadcast drama and abstract said far, or naked plagiarism "please answer", copy the original story and feelings.

"please answer copyright 1988" tvN, "also on our adolescent" chip said helpless, official South Korean television, the most timely response they do is to Chinese television station to send documents, but the document has been ignored homely food is. South Korean website also covered the netizens taunt:


" still our adolescent and other remake of the drama the evaluation of good and bad, netizens for "our adolescent" reputation appears one-sided not optimistic, many people think that "please answer 1988" it is impossible to copy the classic, indeed, in 80s, the father will not be "good Chinese emeritus", the Chinese de Shan could not participate in the Seoul Olympics, the China will not go against the Azeri become the dog star, Chinese Hwan and never read a good school to read a school, five children did not have what Graduation trips can take part.


" so please answer 1988 stills "our adolescence" if just use "please answer 1988" to do stunts, for we can not show the same story is OK, but if it is to imitate the plot, will only make 1988 more fans angry.

and let our "adolescent" rigidly a 80s shell, as a history written in line with China's national conditions based on the script, like the return of Hongkong in 1997, 2003, 2008 snowstorm earthquake against SARS and the Beijing Olympic Games are the era mainstream audience experience, is called "late night dining room" copy of the failure hasn't let the producers know the remake is no way out?

on this issue, the producers might really do not know, they do not know is that the remake of the drama after the broadcast ratings will not destroy the original sad memories, won't ruin the audience, will be ruined, but has almost destroyed the domestic TV quality level. Why does

remake play together?

in recent years, Chinese drama remake of a few, because the cultural market is similar to that of adjacent, the remake of the drama often occupied opportune advantage.

, according to incomplete statistics, in recent years has been more than ten Chinese remake of drama, such as a remake of "drama" of the "Autumn in My Heart accidentally fall in love with you"; a remake of the drama "Stairway to heaven" and the "left" like the wind; a remake of the drama "Winter Sonata" in the remake of "opposite the door"; since the drama "Queen inhyeon man" to "love" shuttle millennium; a remake of drama "Coffee Prince" the Prince "coffee shop"; a remake of drama "she is beautiful" the "beautiful Jennifer Li" … &hellip

a couple of the remake aired after the hiatus, reputation is far less than the original.

but there's a play that's the most successful remake of the play

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Chinese version "please answer 1988" is coming soon

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