Trump bursts three tweets: thanks to Chinese leaders

USA Losangeles luxury basketball

niudanqin· 2017-11-18 07:37:20

just, Trump bursts three tweets: these three Americans must thank Chinese leaders. UCLA No. 1: do you think the three University of California at Los Angeles basketball players need to be president Semyon Semyon Trump?

They face 10 years in prison!

second and third are linked together:

of the three UCLA players, I want to say: Welcome home, but went out to say a big thank you to everyone China leadership before he was released, so that you become may. Have a great life! But be careful, life is long and windy, and there are pitfalls!

let this thing Trump fly into a rage, really very shameful.

according to American media reports, the three American basketball players to visit China, originally to strengthen exchanges with China basketball, but unexpectedly, these three people went to steal a Louis Weedon luxury store in Hangzhou. And he was arrested.

's attitude towards the United States is clear. According to the Losangeles times, accompanied by responsible Larry Scott issued a statement condemning the so-called illegal behavior, and that very disappointed on the matter and said: "whether at home or abroad, we all hope that our athletes adhere to the highest standards in all aspects. "It is said that the United States Senator

said, Trump finally stepped in to visit China recently deliberately use the opportunity to speak chinese. Considering these young people in the United States is also the first time, China spared, they can go home.

for Trump, this also shows his diplomatic ability and China's close ties, no doubt that this is one of the important achievements of this visit.

for these young Americans, the lesson is profound!

do you think China is the United States? In downtown neighborhoods, luxury stores want to steal?

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