How valuable is your face? Lei Jun investment mud companies are IPO

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Rebs is also secretly using their home mask to care for the skin?

"simple point, we have to do mask industry millet. " imperial home CEO" Dai Yuefeng had confidently said.

now, millet from Lei Jun said 2025 IPO is still in the foreseeable future, and its investment royal family Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: royal family exchange) has recently updated the prospectus.

mentions "royal family exchange", perhaps not many people know what it is; but speaking of "Royal mud square", the online shopping people are somewhat impressed. This mud mask

household company in Hunan, 2015 "double eleven" of a Tmall store sold about 16500000 masks, sales exceeded second for 37%, for the entire Changsha city people face with two and more in 2016; on the same day, Royal mud square sales is a breakthrough billion. successfully boarded the "Internet mask king" throne.

cosmetics company in recent years, Chinese Materia Medica, Anglee initiative to terminate the listing, the United States last year the first pill has not been passed. Has Lei Jun to do endorsement, and the majority of users love the Royal mud workshop will be successful?

Lei Jun platform sold 1 billion

a year, "I prepared 15 minutes of PPT, but only talked about 5 minutes, ray total on the final.". "When I first saw Lei Jun, Dai Yuefeng was shining in his eyes. The scene on

took place in 2015. at that time, the royal family of the acquisition of Lei Jun for the fund on the investment of hundreds of millions of yuan, Lei Jun also rarely personally served as the director of the royal family exchange.

" Lei Ren royal house exchange board (source: prospectus)

course, which was founded in 2012, mainly engaged in the mask and other skin care products research and development, relying on the electricity supplier channel sales company and did not let Lei Jun disappointed.

prospectus shows that between 2014 and the first half of 2017, royal family realized revenue of 432 million yuan, 769 million yuan, 1 billion 171 million yuan and 622 million yuan, the same period net profit of about 37 million 350 thousand yuan, 52 million 980 thousand yuan, 72 million 590 thousand yuan and 54 million 610 thousand yuan. , the mask as the company's main business, the proportion of nearly three years of continuous growth, in 2016 reached 85.94%, revenue nearly 1 billion.

according to Euromonitor statistical data show that in 2016 China mask market capacity of 18 billion 72 million yuan. If the company's sales revenue calculation, royal home in the Chinese mask market overall market share reached more than 5.54%.

in addition, in 2015 and 2016, "Royal mud shop flagship store" in Tmall main category (beauty skin care / body / essential oil) turnover ranking were fourth and seven. In 2016, Royal clay brand sales ranked the first in's mask category.

in a "90 consumers favorite mask brand" survey report, the royal family of the main brand of Royal mud shop with 11.9% share in the first place.

implanted TV drama "dear", including translation, "biography", "Chu Joe that bloom" and other well-known hot drama circle month. In addition, the Royal Square mud official flagship store micro Amoy account number is more than 6 million fans, also invited to the Royal Square mud yellow broomrape chief experience officer … &hellip

; a Royal Square mud on financial consumer Wang Peng Mustang (WeChat public number: ymcj8686 ) said, this is too fire, I the man could not help but try it.

single product, channel risk

despite these achievements and millet compared favorably, but found the Mustang finance, by younger consumers mask brand but also can not escape the fast consumer goods industry problems -- "single product dependence".

prospectus shows that the Royal clay workshop is the earliest creation of all brands in the company, at the same time, it also becomes the company's income as a matter of course. During the reporting period, accounted for 89%, 85%, 82% and 79% of the company's main business income, respectively.

in order to improve this situation, the company has been in the implementation of multi brand strategy in recent years, in addition to "Royal mud square", the royal family also has one hundred million yuan brand "small confusion."". In 2016, the revenues of these two brands were 958 million and 111 million respectively. Although the proportion of 's income has decreased year by year, it is still the main source of the company's revenue.

" in the face of this situation, it is said in the prospectus, if the single brand operation of major mistakes, may lead to brand sales decline, resulting in a negative impact on the company's operating performance.

in the "channel is king" era, the royal family should be worried about perhaps its sales platform. The

prospectus shows that during the reporting period, royal house exchange in Tmall (including Tmall international, Tmall supermarket), the sum of's two largest e-commerce platform business income accounted for the proportion of main business income was 64.26%, 61.21%, 57.35% and 63.60%, the platform has certain dependence.

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