Caligula reworked the enhanced version, landed PS4 and announced animation

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Japanese game developer FuRyu announced yesterday's live broadcast of the campus fantasy RPG works "Caligula Overdoss", the game will be logged on PS4 in May 17, 2018, and will broadcast TV animation in April next year.

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the fact that "Caligula" was originally a PSV with pathology and trauma as the theme of the youth to work, about a group of heroes in the virtual world to escape action, "Caligula Overdoss" is a new version on the basis of the new building, the game by the Unreal Engine 4, plot two is about two times of the original picture, and content will be further.

"Caligula Overdoss" compared to the original increased female protagonist gender options, the hero will be voiced by Miyuki sawashiro, video game and the role of dialogue will change according to the selected sex game player. In addition has also joined the new drama section "forbidden cross route", the game is open style multi end to game player choice will determine the story.

" while most boys and girls in the virtual world don't know, but there are still some people aware of the same, and jointly set up a "return home". This will have two representatives of the new "pathological" role "to join in the house".

" this will also join the two new villain "Gardenia" and "Stork", as respected this virtual world "cross", they have to compose a virtual idol P, and respectively from the reality of the main P "no - only topics topics," and "DECO*27" write a song role.

live broadcast, FuRyu also announced that the work will be adapted for TV animation, launched in April next year.

"Caligula Overdoss" the early pre game player will also receive 4 luxury characteristics were defined: Original Soundtrack added 10 new songs and theme song; included talk content and stories of limited use in print; game download servers special event ticket code.

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Caligula reworked the enhanced version, landed PS4 and announced animation

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