Because of her sexy burst of red, but also because of fat was diss

Fashion fitness goddess Valentino

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11" at the beginning of the month, sexy goddess Kate Upton himself married! She was so full of Valentino dresses that she was completely different from the one that had been lying on the beach in bikinis. Said, Kate Upton was born in 1992, although in recent years a lot of low-key, but as two years ago the plump supermodel play, Indoorsman goddess, really capture a lot of fans.


Anita Ko

is talking about her capital sexy sexy goddess, who will you think of? Monroe? Julie? Scarlett? In fact, the original, in the 90's also has a sexy play: Kate Upton. In 2010, when she was 18 years old, she made her debut with an advertising poster for Guess, and she got a lot of attention.

Guess Lingerie F/W 10

, but what really makes her popular is still the swimsuit model of "Sports Illustrated". What is the tonality of "Sports Illustrated", which is specially for chest big sister shooting swimsuit, including Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford were model signing. Kate Upton will be able to get a good chance and benefit from his impeccable figure. Not go High route Fashion player

Kate Upton

Kate Upton and apparently swimsuit scenes, light is the proud people of Shuangfeng would be blocked in the fashion circle outside the door. But this does not affect her as a model, wearing a swimsuit she shows unprecedented charm of women, full of youthful vigor and fitness sexy.

Kate Upton, swimsuit,

, with a large number of swimsuit photos, Kate Upton unstoppable, popular, and hence its nickname: "shake milk" supermodel. (COCO simply doesn't understand what it means; … …)

, Upton, light and breasts are hardware conditions, and Kate's looks add a lot to her. She is a good American blonde blonde image, very in line with the beauty of the old beauty, especially when playing retro style, the rich Gatsby breath "fascinating"". Look closely at Monroe's nevus!

" from

to supermodel equestrian athletes at the little girl was so graceful you will never guess the original family is actually racing athletes. When she was only 7 years old, she began riding horses after her family moved to Florida, and ended up playing professionally.

Kate Upton

as children at a young age he won many medals riding, even reached the APHA (American Riding Association) youth twenty.

, at the same time, she grew higher and higher, until 178cm, the figure is also sexy, 16 years old, inevitably embarked on the model road. In the Elite model audition she wasn't selected, and then moved to New York and IMG model company signed, this also ended his riding career.

, although Kate Upton in fashion circles after the popularity of high, but such a body would like to be recognized by professional or not easy?. Fortunately, she has a delicate face and super lens performance, so two years, many fashion magazines began to throw her olive branch.

"Cosmopolitan" November 2012 Cover

[Australia Version "Cosmopolitan" May 2014

has a large cover near the body, logical, brand recognition also improved a lot. In 2014, it reached the "blowout" of the posters, appeared on the Express, Sam Edelman and other brands of advertising blockbusters, but also become the brand spokesperson of Bobbi Brown.

David Yurman F/W 13

Sam Edelman S/S 2014

Bobbi Brown S/S 15 Hot Collection

but the body and compare this lust looks in the show is indeed not very lovable, straight

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Because of her sexy burst of red, but also because of fat was diss

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