5 ins male winter neap collocation, what kind of dress style is your dish?

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jiatingyishengzaixian· 2017-11-18 13:06:54

shared so many adorable girl outfit, is also a time for everyone to "new" boy fashion collocation! That people rely on clothes, this sentence is also suitable for kids, good clothing products, the spirit will be different, will naturally have more good things.

" in this period, Xiao Bian will share 5 ins male winter neap collocation, different styles to create different tide baby charm, come see a style is your dish who wear!


2 years old boy how to wear in autumn and winter is not bloated? Look, Treicy's got it right. Although only 2 years old, but with the help of her mother, Treicy "walk" has a warm and elegant style of leisure gentleman wind.

handsome Parker coat, white shirt and casual jeans, mix and match personality fashion sense.

in autumn and winter season, folding method is also a common shape. Windbreaker + denim jacket, plus a pair of brown boots, full of gas field!

Gray Wool Hat with scarf, wearing a dark gray coat, a gray line wearing, through different tone concentration, highlighting the sense of hierarchy.

looks super warm white sweater collocation jeans and boots, avatar in winter a little warm man ~

cool cowboy coat in a white T-shirt and black trousers. The simple style show beautiful fashion.


from Korea, Ha Rang, can be said to be regulars of fashion week. He loved to walk on the street, he wore self-confidence and bold, even in winter warm jacket down by him, cool shape!

, handsome jeans, plus a suit tie, so another kind of collocation, who would want to come? Carrying a big bag, wearing a retro round frame mirror, facing the lens, Ha Rang can be said to express freely.

will always have a hip-hop fan wear a symbol, that is inside than outside the sweater T-shirt, sports style cool is very handsome!

" game in the green little boys can also wear a jacket like Ha Rang, in a denim jacket, the jacket way to attract people attention road.

jeans coat collocation coat, so stylish, visible Ha Rang is also worthy of attention after the fashion people?!


Towa" is a 2 year old boy, in the mother's careful collocation, Towa through the leisure engaging tide doll style. Towa's mom is also a hat lover, so Towa often wears a different hat shape! A thin coat of

simple in a plaid shirt, with a woolen hat and boots, Meng Meng is very cute ~

" warm coat in a fluffy sweater collocation, striped trousers and sports shoes, a small warm male incarnation!

" and "Towa", sometimes id= will go up and down from the tone of the echo effect, to create a sense of layering class=.

" black coat collocation cartoon T-shirt, highlighting the boy's vitality and naive ~

" is a little girl who said the beret exclusive? The little boy can wear the beret pose!


fashion blogger, we see a lot, and have you seen the only four years old fashion Mini blogger? This little man is such a charming little blogger who has attracted nearly 90 thousand fans!

casual suit with white T-shirt, with the same white striped pants, deep contrast, very eye-catching.

, and so on, get a casual gentleman wind, and hold have to be street wind, a leather jacket or a cowboy jacket with rhubarb boots, shape and style! < /
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5 ins male winter neap collocation, what kind of dress style is your dish?

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