Men's luxury car hit repair costs 300 thousand: Fortunately, did not open another car

Bentley ZA

tengxunxinwen· 2017-11-18 15:11:59

11 8:20 16 on the morning, Mr. Luo driving a license plate for Guangdong Z3× × 3 Australian white Bentley car along the former River South Road North direction. When traveling to the bridge before Mr. Luo Bridge, ready to turn in front of Nanping direction, because it is the morning peak, the car slow, so he stepped on the brakes, going from the right lane to the left lane. When traveling to turn Mr. Luo mouth when a loud "bang" strong crash, let lo be caught off guard.

" Mr. Luo hurried off to see, see a Guangdong C63× × No. 8 white Volkswagen car directly to your Bentley car on the left side of the body. The mass driver Ms. Zhang also panicked, she saw him hit is not an ordinary car, but the logo is the "B" car Bentley. I saw Bentley left door depression deformation, there are several scratches. And the shell of the right front of the car has sprung up, and the body has dropped some paint. In order not to affect traffic, two drivers drove to the side of the road and made an alarm call. Xiangzhou traffic police rushed to the scene, through the description of both drivers, the responsibility is very clear, U-turn, no comity straight vehicles, Bentley should bear all responsibility for the accident.

, but then the plot reverses. The insurance company to assess the damage to the public vehicle maintenance costs no more than one thousand, but the car Bentley is not so simple. Bentley door has been deformed, unable to repair, need to change a new door, the cost is estimated to be around 300 thousand. Unfortunately, Bentley only bought the strong insurance, did not buy commercial insurance, and all the losses caused by the accident by Mr. Luo bear, insurance is not compensable. Mr. Luo said, usually own Rolls-Royce, today just opened a Bentley. If you run rice, maintenance costs can be even scarier.

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Men's luxury car hit repair costs 300 thousand: Fortunately, did not open...

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