The Taiwan blockbuster fraud scandal, how many and shen!

Taiwan Kaohsiung exposure people

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ships made out "Taiwan version and scandal".

minehunter procurement delayed the fermentation case "Qing Fu case", now let the island's politics has become a "quagmire". The amplification of the case for green hope Ma Ying-Jeou and Kuomintang officials "have die off the skin, only to encounter the plot reversal, the KMT broke Cai Yingwen, Chen Ju and other senior involved.

17, the blue and green camps continue to bite each other on the case, Taiwan media lamented, the relevant departments to the case such as toothpaste type of exposure, the blue and green political figures every day koumaozi, spray slobber and forget the politics, regardless of the amount of possible fraud or the level, can make the blue and green "government" shame. Wang Feng, a well-known critic in Taiwan, commented that the biggest hotbed of corruption in Taiwan lies in military spending. When China's anti-corruption, Taiwan was still condoning. This case reminds people of Qing Fu, the Taiwan version of the university!

Chen Qingnan has to talk to you for help, to celebrate the rich? "In 17, Cai Yingwen attended the event, so she shouted to a media reporter. The financial crisis contractors Taiwan Navy 6 mine hunting ships of the Qing Fu shipyard before the first bank was declared in default. Subsequently, Qing Fu boss Chen Qingnan and his son were burst from December 2015 intensive into the presidential palace, only to get loans. For the reporter's propaganda, Cai Yingwen on the same day only a "what" word to answer. Taiwan's "United Daily" said that although Cai Yingwen did not respond more, the blue green legislators continued to bite each other and questioned the high-level involvement of the other party in the ruling period.

Chen Qingnan

of Taiwan's Executive Yuan spokesman Xu Guoyong 17, told reporters in Pingtung County, the "Executive Yuan" position is a comprehensive investigation, there is no upper limit. After a seemingly fair position, then he hualiyouhua said, the most important thing is this, "who entered the" presidential palace "see who, who has no power to deal with this". As you can see, the hierarchy was very high during the period of the Malaysian administration, even to the deputy secretary general, but the two people in the DPP period were permanent civil servants, and they had nothing to do with the relevant powers.

, but the day before, the KMT gave a completely different interpretation. KMT vice chairman Hong Mengkai 16, said that the "presidential palace" 15 evening announced his son Chen Qingnan et al in recent years has been 6 times to enter the "record of the presidential palace", including 5 times in the period of Ma Ying-Jeou, the sixth in Cai Yingwen after taking office. The people seem to understand what it is, "the Ma Ying-Jeou administration" 5 no head ", the Cai Yingwen administration" 1 times success ", that does not have the horse business, accommodation, and apparently ready.

has been involved in the two presidents before and after Taiwan, and the Taiwan army, the biggest stakeholder of the Qing Fu case, has been swept away by the tail wind". Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense announced the 17 day of the list of administrative punishment reports, but issued a press release the night before, saying that the relevant doubts are still under investigation, and the punishment matters must be clarified before the whole case is announced. The same day, the "national security think tank group convener Lin Yu said, Qing Fu case before the outbreak," Department of defense "to unlock the minehunter budget, issued in the" Legislative Yuan "letter of the rich has to pay 2 billion 400 million yuan to conceal the facts to celebrate the nt. The author of the fake letter is Feng Shikuan, Minister of defense. Taiwan's "China Times" commented that in the face of the supreme head of the army was involved in the explosion, the Taiwan army had to dispose of the original plan "temporary shout card"".

not only that, even away from the "political center" of Kaohsiung has become the focus of corruption. Wu Dunyi, former vice president of Taiwan, said on the 16 day that hosting the Qing Fu case was the first bank, but the Bank of Kaohsiung made a performance guarantee of more than 1 billion 700 million NT dollars for Qing Fu, and the director of Kaohsiung ocean helped the company to operate land. Wu Dunyi's "topic" is not redundant. ETTV reported that many officials exposed "Qing Fu case" issues implicated drawn from the Kaohsiung municipal government. Mayor Chen Ju, "six generals" involved, can not help but let the outside world because of the mayor of Kaohsiung primaries, factions wrestling speculation.

in the face of growing storm, despite the "Premier" Laiqing put relentless "tracing without limit", but even the DPP's "political buddy" could not believe the authorities can just handling cai. The 17 day proposal of the "era power" caucus asked Lai Qingde to report the project to the Legislative Yuan, but was unable to pass the voting ban. Xu Shirong, a professor at the Department of political science and land administration, questioned the DPP's fear in the face book Is the election declared public and transparent now? "

Taiwan media veteran Zhao Shaokang 17 in the media, to open up hongdingshangren severely criticized the blue green joint, must also be open to the blue and green government procurement joint contract, is to make Taiwan a very shameful thing. The article said that the blue and green common involving cross two dynasties the scandal, ironic. Originally green catch blue, now become blue catch green, the future of democratic politics in Taiwan, the lack of justice and efficiency of the judiciary, but also worthy of public trust?

Taiwan media people 17 days to ring (ID:huanqiu-com) said it hit the Taiwan people on the blue and green parties, especially the "rulers" trust at the same time, also shows that Taiwan has the blue and green Dynasty so-called "national autonomy" planning is self hypnosis. The Minesweeper not only not self-made, but has become corrupt officials manipulate tools for profit. It's also built on the continent of the self built aircraft carrier

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