It's just like it! Sichuan live version "bald strong""

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chengdoushangbao· 2017-11-18 15:12:06

" recently, a man surnamed Feng in Dazhou have received a lot of attention because it looks exactly like the cartoon "bears" inside the head. However, in real life, "bald head" not only did not cut trees, but also adopted a little girl.

17", the Chengdu Daily reporter contacted the Dazhou head "I Feng Jialiu, according to him, his 50 year old, who lives in Dazhou City, Quxian County, after the housework farmers, their unmarried, adopted a little girl.

von Jialiu told the Chengdu Daily reporter, himself 3 years ago in a Quxian County county to buy clothes, was found like bald strong, at that time on the other side take a photo, after looking for myself, until during the summer vacation this year, each other to find themselves, to play "bald" this role. Subsequently, von Jialiu agreed with each other, in some business opened, performing "head strong", obtain certain income.

Jialiu Feng said: "after being discovered, has been called the bald strong, when the heart is not happy, but then find yourself just like it, so we call also very affectionate. "

Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned that Feng has been in the household farming, there is not much income, in the home run to maintain the family. Because of the low income of the family, the 14 year old daughter expressed support for her father's performance outside, and hoped that the performance would become a profession to ease the plight of the family.

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It's just like it! Sichuan live version "bald strong""

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