In order to catch fugitives hiding in the mountains for ten years police pursuit was homeless

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hunangonganzaixian· 2017-11-18 15:12:13

recently, Yongzhou police successfully arrested a fugitive fled 10 years of kidnapping in the Xianggui border mountains.

" it is reported that the suspect Chen (male, 40 years old, en Guangxi Gongcheng) on November 5, 2007, a group of Tonglu and Wei Moujun 5 people from Guangxi Gongcheng County, drove to the county Jiangyong rough stone town, "the business" in the name of the the victim liaomou lie on the car, forcibly brought to the Guangxi Gongcheng County in a remote place persimmon. After a beating, Chen Mouen and other people armed with machetes threatening Liao, claiming that Liao and one of their relatives played cards when playing cards, if not immediately called the family to send ransom, then cut off Liao's hands and feet, and threatened not to alarm. The victim Liao contacted the family members, according to the requirements of the suspect, sent 20000 yuan to Guangxi, was released by the suspect. The second day, the victim liaomou to Jiangyong County Public Security Bureau police. After the alarm, Jiangyong County Public Security Bureau immediately organized police force to carry out the investigation, 4 suspects have been arrested, after the court sentenced, but Chen fled en.

at the end of October this year, the police through in-depth investigation, found Chen en is likely somewhere hidden in the Guangxi mine workers resources and Hunan county at the junction of the new county. The mine is located in high mountains and lofty hills, mine distribution complex, impassable vehicles. Unable to accurately find the case of Chen Mouen, police disguised as migrant workers into the mountains investigation. One day, two days, three days of … … a mines, two mines, three mines … … cold weather, the police, and a few days down, brave the wind and dew, all of them have become "the tramp". Persistence is victory, and the police persist in seeking the name of "living". After 10 days of hard struggle, the police found a man who was suspected of Chen's kindness in the most remote mountain cave.

" after further investigation found that the man acting very suspicious, after work and workers don't live together, but in the remote mine to build a shack as live alone. In order to avoid and prevent the suspect escaped, act rashly and alert the enemy, the police research made careful catch scheme. The evening of November 15th, police braved the heavy fog and rain and darkness in the Cliff Road trek for nearly 2 hours, successfully arrested the man in the shack in the mountains. By contrast, the man is the pursuit of police for many years Chen chen. According to Chen en

confessed, fled ten years, Chen en has been hiding, specifically in Guizhou, Guangxi and other places to find the deep mountains and forests quarry, mining job, suffer.

"after all these years, you're here at last. Can you imagine, in order to escape the police arrest, I always hide in the deep mountains and forests do toil, homesick but also dare not back, and this time is really too painful. … … "handcuffed Chen en shed tears of remorse.

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