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17173youxi· 2017-11-20 07:41:36

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11 18, in Korea game show G-STAR2017 scene held "wonderland legend: ZERO" conference. At the end of the game presentation link, the reporters on the game related issues, to "wonderland legend: ZERO" development leader and main policy and so on.

Q: what are the features of the game?

A: mostly starting from scratch. Although it is different from "fairy tale", it does not mean completely different. The present plan is to carry forward the merits of fairy tales and add new content. It is scheduled to be tested in South Korea in November 20 and formally launched in December 6th. For us, the most important thing is the feedback from the players.

Q: what is the future development goal?

A: by creating a virtual world, allowing players to experience the reality can not experience a variety of adventure fun.

Q: can every profession play its role in ZERO?

A: there are six occupations in the game. At the same time, there are some props in wonderland that do not exist in Wonderland: ZERO. For example, HP/SP absorbs props and so on. The main purpose is to make the major professions better play their respective abilities.

Q: is it going to be like Wonderland, selling all kinds of consumables and equipment?

A: plans no longer sell consumables like life potions, defensive rolls, etc..

Q: "Wonderland: ZERO" in the initial stage of good?

A: as for the legend of Wonderland, the initial task is much better than before. ZERO: on the basis of the initial task, add the main tasks, connection tasks and so on to connect these tasks.

Q: how will the clothing in the game be sold?

A: you can sell NPC by clothing and use gemstones to buy it.

Q: "Wonderland: ZERO" has a brand new commemorative copy?

A: each level section will provide a new commemorative copy. At the same time, the existing commemorative copies of "the legend of Wonderland" will be re provided according to the status of "Wonderland: ZERO".

Q: random attribute props will make players tired. Will there be a change in attributes in the game?

A: not ready to provide functionality to change attributes. In Wonderland: ZERO, the percentage of random attribute items becomes larger, and the difficulty of obtaining them decreases simultaneously. Therefore, players can use more random attribute props.

Q: will BOSS monster get worse in Wonderland: ZERO?

A: currently in Wonderland, players have become more powerful through a variety of equipment and skills than before. Because of the legend of Wonderland: ZERO, players need to start from the beginning, will feel BOSS monster is very strong. As the role grows through the ability to exceed the BOSS monster, the BOSS monster will also become stronger. This part will also be reflected in "the legend of Wonderland".

Q: how much is the full scale of "ZERO"?

A: after the next update, the level will go to level 99. The update cycle of "Wonderland: ZERO" will vary according to the speed of content consumption by the players.

Q: why use a completely new client?

A: because of the client's capacity reasons and the client's structural differences, a new client is used.

Q: is the world outlook the same as "the fairy tales" and "the legend of Wonderland: ZERO"?

A: Yes, stories and world views are shared.

Q": two game monster props rate is the same?

A: the "Ragnarok: ZERO" added a new random attribute change rate will be relatively large props.

Q: will the two games perform the same activities?

A: it's hard to work together because the two client configurations are different. Plans provide activities tailored to each version of the client.

Q: can we talk about the plot and the repeated tasks?

A: each of the big maps, villages have their own tasks. There are also connection tasks that connect these tasks. This part is different from the legend of wonderland.

Q: can the client open more?

A: "Wonderland: ZERO" does not support client-side opening.

Q: can you tell me the content of "ZERO"?

A: Gem will be sold in the mall. Gem is not only used to make high performance equipment, reduce waiting time, but also for clothing and other props purchase.

Q: what is a changeable field map?

A: if a player triggers a trigger that exists in a particular map, there will be a variety of monsters, including a specific BOSS.

Q: is career balance the same as "Wonderland"?

A: because of the legend of Wonderland: ZERO

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