In May, the concert fans threw bra onstage and Axin picked up

May day ZA

beiqingwangyule· 2017-11-20 07:47:48

" according to Taiwan media reports, May LIFE World Tour Concert "" life unlimited company, 18 to New York Broolyn nets Barclays Center home court Hall Concert, the scene into 12 thousand fans. But on the way, there was a crazy fan who was too happy to put a pink underwear on the stage. When the

concert went to "love ING", fans suddenly threw a pink underwear on the stage, and Axin and stone looked at it for a moment, and then Axin slowly picked up the underwear and put it on the shoulder of the stone. After the performance, he changed stones and picked up his underwear and walked up to Martha's guitar stand. Finally, Axin asked, "is that E?" "Martha laughs back," no, it's bra! Humor laughs at the whole audience.

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