How to judge WeChat in the other side lie to you?

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lanjingTMTwang· 2017-11-20 07:50:07

lying is an essential communication in life. Some lies are good, others are malicious. Liars will be exposed. Most people try to hide a lie, but it's not easy to control words, voices, expressions and body language at the same time. Voice and expression are important clues. No one likes to be cheated, but how do you know when people lie to you? What's more, chatting in WeChat.

, and now, researchers have found that these patterns can indicate whether a person lies in text messages. Analysis from hundreds of conversations reveals that women tend to use more words and self directed words when they lie, such as "I"". And male cheats may be hard to determine because they seem to lack a lot of language clues - probably because they use very little vocabulary information.

in this study, researchers at the Cornell University developed a Android messaging application dedicated to the collection of text samples from a large number of participants. Over the past seven days, the team has gathered 1703 conversations. Then remove only symbols, no text dialogue, after the separation of lies and the real message again, by this method, the average number of words they found that women chat contains false information than dialogue honest conversation (the truth lies in 8 words, 9.2 words), and both men say the truth or a lie, for the words are almost the same in the 7 word.

, researchers also looked at the ratio of "self-words" (such as I / US), and the phrase with an uncertain attitude (possibly, possibly, of course, etc.). Pronouns are particularly interesting deception, because when a person actively chooses pronouns, he or she wants to show ownership and responsibility by means of communication or self directed pronouns, while other pronouns can indicate signal distance and lack of accountability. If women talk about a lot of words, they talk about themselves very much, and rarely speak to others, and use a lot of "I" and "how do I", these statements or words, the truth of the truth is lower.

data show that SMS also contains lies, in general, more than the real text. On the average, the crafty text contains 8 words, and the real text contains 7 words. The researchers also found that this is the difference between men and women. While women use average 8 words of text messages, men tend to use 9 words when they lie. This study also showed that liars are more likely to use self oriented words, such as "you".

" earlier, we found that the use of self oriented words is a sign of lying, however, when we put the data into sex, women with self oriented words more comprehensive. However, men used "I" greatly reduced, but increased the use of "my" frequency. However, it is not surprising that men and women have been found to use more phrases when they lie. For men, the word "affirmative" is the most likely to lie, while women tend to say "try".

Nietzsche said, "to live we need to lie.". But the premise of lying is altruism rather than self-interest. No one wants to be deceived. In the premise of asking others to be loyal to themselves, they should be equally honest and trustworthy to each other. So honest, tolerant of others. (new discovery in science and technology Constantine / text)

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