Zhou Hongyi spicy commentary "does not know the beauty of Liu Qiangdong wife"

Ali Ma Huateng Wang Jianlin

qudongzhijia· 2017-11-20 07:50:40

11 19, "Subversion: Autobiography of Zhou Hongyi" new book conference held in Beijing, this is Zhou Hongyi's only personal autobiography so far.

Liu Qiangdong also invited to participate in the release activities, and launched a dialogue with Zhou Hongyi, involving super bear children, Internet heroes and many other topics.

is interesting, the dialogue also mentions "whether Liu Qiangdong face blindness" -- this from the beginning of this year, Liu Qiang east section called "shock" remarks: "I face the blind, to tell the truth, can not tell who who is beautiful not beautiful, I told her (tea sister Zhang Zetian) together. That is not because she is beautiful, because I did not know she was beautiful. "

for this, Zhou Hongyi scene ridicule said:" face blindness is normal, but who is beautiful, I can distinguish. ". "

, but , Liu Qiangdong still sticks to his point of view:" who floats is not beautiful, I really don't know. "

does not know the beauty of Liu Qiangdong, wife of Ma Huateng, a common family regrets Ali Wang Jianlin, Jack Ma, the secondary meaning of the way to earn money Ding Sanshi, plain Louis Koo, north line Sa Beining … …

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