Foreign media said Japan wants to reconcile with China: worry about China and the United States after being abandoned by the United States

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Reference News Network June 19 11 media reports said the United States President trump attitude for the future of the United States in the region's role in allied manufacturing unease, at the same time, Japan and China also recognize the Pacific rim area pattern is changed, which may gradually move toward reconciliation. However, the two Asian powers have long suffered from the estrangement between history and territorial disputes, and are anxious to fight for the influence in the region. Several handshakes or a smile from both leaders are not enough to promote the real adjustment of bilateral relations.

, according to the New York Times website on November 16th, as one of the latest friendly gestures, one of Japan's moves is to recognize that China is replacing the United States as the leader of free trade in the region. Japan has also been stimulated, worried that the United States may develop closer ties with China and exclude japan.

reported that, as China seeks to further consolidate its strength, it also realized that if Japan can become a partner, rather than a pure opponent, is not a good thing. At the same time, Trump's visit to Chinese that the United States is unlikely to result in Japan China place obstacles in the way, more generous". Nick Beasley, Professor of international relations at the La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, said, "what Trump conveys is a tremendous shock to allies and the world system.

reports that Andouble seems to be acutely aware that Trump's views and loyalty are not stable, and often swing, so Japan will naturally wonder whether the United States will come after China, and put Japan in disadvantage. East Asian Studies Stanford University lecturer Daniel C Snyder said: "the idea behind is a very common thing in Japan -- the forsaken fear, all of this problem should be placed on the China generated great strength growth in Japan distrust and the background of long period of panic.

reported that although China and Japan had taken the first step in improving relations, many obstacles still existed. The Diaoyu Islands issue has not yet been resolved, and China often opposes the evidence of Japan's return to militarism in its view, and pays close attention to the discussions on the development of military capability in japan. At the same time, Japan also responded positively to China's economic growth by actively developing its relations with other countries in the region. But both sides have made some tentative gestures, and Chinese analysts say that after five years of cold diplomacy with Japan, China believes that to ease relations with Japan is more conducive to China's prosperity and prosperity than to continue hostility.

"we attach great importance to the relationship with Japan," said Ren Xiao, Professor of international relations at Fudan University in Shanghai. "Both sides want to build good relations now.". Hugh White, a

expert in Australia, says that China is adapting Andouble to the idea that China is the leading power in East asia. Experts say Andouble may also face pressure from Japanese companies who want to cooperate with China to develop projects in the region.

"Japanese companies hope to have the opportunity to join China's project in Eurasia," said Kawashima Ma, a professor of political and diplomatic history at University of Tokyo. "Therefore, Japanese companies have asked Andouble to improve relations with china.

reported that, in fact, since the second term since 2012, Andouble has been urging the improvement of Sino Japanese relations.

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