"Mysterious sea" 10th anniversary commemorative packs limited time free receive, contain limited theme

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-11-20 16:24:54

In November 19th

2017, the "mysterious sea" series ushered in its ten birthday, a series of video works of the past brought back the adventure memories of the players. Today, SONY and naughty dogs have brought new gifts to us: "the secret sea" theme and avatar free packs. At present, the package has been in the U.S. clothing PSN shop online, providing only 48 hours to receive time, address please click here.

the package contents include:

"" uncharted 10th Anniversary Memorial theme "

" uncharted 10th Anniversary Memorial picture

"mysterious sea: Captain Drake's treasure"

"theme for dynamic Uncharted 2: Thief" system dynamic

theme "uncharted 4: the dead end" flame dynamic

theme "uncharted 4:" shipwreck thieves dead end theme

"uncharted 4:" dynamic

ink thieves dead end theme "uncharted 4:" Avatar thieves dead end "img_box" id= class=

and SONY, naughty dog also fans for multiplayer gaming for" uncharted 4 thieves "and" end the mysterious sea lost heritage "10th anniversary anniversary skin bundle points in the game and props will open a 50 percent off discount, activity continued until December 19th.

series of "uncharted" has gone through ten years, the commemoration of the efforts of a series of naughty dog also did not stop the attention, but before the new adventure game player to "uncharted" series, seems to care more is "the last survivor" second act in the end what time.

source: DualShockers, Playstation Blog

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