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speech is the most primitive reflection of the industry ecology. In the game of grapes every weekend to launch the "grape sayings", on the industry condition, judge characters, the game industry will touch, down to earth on one side of the feedback to the readers.

since the beginning of winter, the temperature is getting cold, many buddy started a cold runny nose.

cold, do not want to take medicine how to do?

grape Jun's prescription is: play two hours of "overcome difficulties with Bennett Fodi", to ensure that you pant, sweating profusely.

is the protagonist of the game with a hammer "Ren zhi". The so-called "

Ren Zhi", refers to the people to become a torture pig, is to cut off the limbs, eyes blind deaf ears. The earliest to accept this sentence is the Han Emperor Liu Bang's concubine Qi lady, her punishment is Liu Bang's first wife Lu, is the cause of women's jealousy.

in the 1983 film "fire Old Summer Palace", as Liu Xiaoqing Ci Xi put the Xianfeng Emperor Li made "Ren Zhi" into the water.

" ("Ren Zhi")

" (the movie in the works of Ci Xi, I know this is not Liu Xiaoqing, don't ask me why I love watching this edition of "Ren Zhi" in

) the image of the game is this: "

yes, because people have real hammers".

, who has the spirit of Cici Fuss's character is called "game anchor enemy", he once again led the game player on the peak, down from the altar, never collapse.

game is so popular, resulting in the emergence of a high degree of reduction of cos......

, this game is quite consistent with our current mainstream values.

, whether you're a dota anchor or a lol anchor, he eats chicken anchors or csgo anchors, and at this moment, they're the anchors of the wheel hammers. This means that no matter what class he is, he will end up as a proletarian with a hammer!

ears sounded the song that Liu Huan teacher sang to the laid-off workers:

yesterday, all honors, has become a distant memory,

diligence has been spent half a lifetime, tonight again into the wind and rain.

if the heart is in the dream, there is love between heaven and earth,

see success or failure, life heroic, just from the beginning again......

compared to the "following no" hammer uncle, King grape love magic girl.

, for example, Illidan, the magical girl...... Illidan?

you girl's skirt, will not hide a hammer?

your routine, so that players are very low self-esteem ah.

" (yes, really is the primary game player)

recently "chicken" Mobile Games frequent, game player who have addicted, some people go out in the outside, can not even walk.

", "class=" and "id=" are not exception. She called her these days and asked her what she was doing, and she said, "well, eat the chicken.".

is really a playful goblin, grape Jun thought. I put forward a suggestion in good faith: it's more fun to play with different guns!

she returned me wearing a helmet look.

later, the grapes thought, in fact, compared with the game, the girlfriend, what is not important.

" even play Khorium pumping card, even if you are African, I also love the black face again.

, the final issue of this issue, "grape Jun" would like to chat with your young partners about a question. Although grapes spend most of their time delving into the industry, they sometimes care about everyone's inner thoughts. Since the second half of

, there is a lot of people around us

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An age still do not understand this truth, is white live | grape quotations

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