No woman like her was full of lust


shenbayulequan· 2017-11-20 16:30:03

this year, there are lots of actresses out there.

but it's a shame to just mention the name, but not really.

Lan Yan

, if only light look at the face, Lan Yan is really no recognition. Although the beauty of the

, but also the same kind of beauty.

fortunately she has legs and breasts.

is sometimes a little as to reading can stimulate their memory of the Indoorsman.

, so you remember? "

" is the treasure of the 3D meat bar, which she once hit all over the city. She plays the Jade incense in the film.

style is so long.

", and another "fame". "

I'd like to mention Lan Yan until now, and most people would still say that.

" remember Lan Yan then entered the entertainment circle, she is also on the primary school, was later discovered, immediately took Wenquxing advertising.

had two spokesmen at that time, one was her, and the other was Mavis Fan.

, since that time, Lan Yan fell in love with the performance.

yes, it's performance, not performance.

took her personal experience --

all kinds of beauty contests, and she participated in all kinds of competitions.

includes the selection of actors, and she's also tried to get in touch with them.

" until 2005, she appeared as "song" and the official debut.

includes later butterfly kisses, and it's also a great production.

"butterfly kiss", the ultra pure

not only that, she also with this film won the annual domestic box office champion Russian Actress, popular in Europe and the industry.

can imagine, if that continues, Lan Yan may gain more praise.

, but the fact is that

has never worn back her coat since she took the three stage film.

", id=, and so on, this "3D meat bliss" is indeed a large scale gimmick to get the box office champion in the year of the year in class=.

, and so Lan Yan became famous overnight, and became the first Asian star in the history of 3D movies.

, but surprisingly, Lan Yan was "active" to "take off" this time.

unlike many female stars at that time, they were forced to shoot, no one was willing.

"no one can start from the red to the end, but in your ups and downs of life there is a climax, there is a climax, no matter how big is it, at least, is not a small wave, so I also feel very good. "

so, even now, Lan Yan hasn't said anything about regret.

? -

, maybe she doesn't care if she can be a really good actress.

, such as the gossip and hype she had never stopped before, and the various ways of making a goddess topic for herself.

even walk a red carpet, also must use another kind of dress to win the eye, regardless of whether the public accept or not.

plainly, she's more suited to be a businessman.

, Cannes red carpet, the shape is remembered by everyone; … …

, indeed, she did it, and it was quite successful.

Lan Yan is now a major shareholder of a listed company in Hongkong,

now Lan Yan, she will still be filming.

still enjoy the beautiful self, and put the nice photos on the whole micro-blog id=.

, as a woman, she is inspirational.

at least from the figure, people do work hard

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