China shipbuilding industry successfully exported landing ship to see which country it was to

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huanqiuwang· 2017-11-20 16:38:51

" [military] global network reported in November 20th according to the CSIC official WeChat reported in November 19th, November 9th, CSIC Wuhan ship group the construction of Mauritania 1750 ton landing ship in the shipyard shuangliuta base started construction.

the ship is in the overall operation of CSIC and poly Technology Co. Ltd., the first project of Wuchang group and Mauritania naval cooperation, bearing the Mauritanian Navy go dark "lofty ideals and high aspirations, but also opened a new chapter in Mao's military technical cooperation. The

Navy chief of staff brigadier general Al Willy in the construction site of CSIC ship design and construction strength to be fully affirmed, the production organization of Wuchang group said the ability to build confidence, and hope that through this project to establish a deep friendship with csic.

is a new type of Mauritania landing landing ship, with a bow door, bow and stern ramp, short forecastle deck and a helicopter platform for helicopter landing in the 3 sea conditions; the ship adopts CCS warship class rules were designed and built, twin-screw, normal discharge about 1750 tons of water, the main mission is to amphibious troops and equipment for transportation and beach, also has the protection of the marine rights and interests, perform maritime surveillance and patrol, search and rescue capability.

CSIC will further improve the production organization, constantly optimize the production plan design, strengthen management, establish a variety of channels and communication, to ensure delivery of a warship to Mauritania boutique Navy, and a successful example of this project into gross strategic cooperation, to add luster to the friendship between the two countries.

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