Edison Chan: to prove to the world that China made no less than the world manufacturing

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[/ observer network high Xueying] recently, Chen Guanxi was in a speech at nyu.

Edison Chan said, although he was born in Canada, but he thinks he is Chinese, he does anything, want to do for China, to benefit china.

he told the Chinese students who were present that they couldn't reduce the standard of the products after they returned to China. To make the Chinese made and Chinese designed things based on the world, we should take the international standard as the consideration, and prove to the world that the Chinese manufacture is no less than the world manufacture.

Edison Chan shared his early entrepreneurial experience, said one thing that he is very angry: "

" when he mentioned Chinese and foreigners made products, they will say "this is very bad, because the quality of these products will cause recovery."

this is a common mistake, and foreigners think that the "made in China" label means that the standard of the product is lower.

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Edison Chan said, when people asked him where he was from, he said he was born in Canada Chinese, he wanted to prove to the world, the quality of Chinese manufacturing is not lower than anywhere in the world.

, he recalls his first visit to Nike for cooperation: the other says they never make shoes for Chinese companies. But in fact, nearly half the world's shoes are made in china.

then, Edison Chan used three years to prove the quality of China made; until ten years later today, they are still making NIKE shoes, CLOT (Edison Chan founded tide brand) and Nike made a joint of six pairs of shoes.

Edison Chan said, he cited this example is to prove that: the quality of a good product does not depend on where the product comes from. When we put our products and works on an international standard, we should be proud to say that this product is produced in China and should be proud to show them the innovation and quality of the product.

, he said to the whole student, even if studying abroad, we should also remember where our roots are, and fully understand our own culture. "The future in your hands, with our power to make our motherland stronger.". Use our own experience to inspire people of the next age to do better, to create, to change."

Edison Chan was born in Canada, but he said he was proud of China's heritage, culture and industry. He believes that the most important thing for himself and the people who study abroad here is that the quality standards of works and products cannot be changed in different countries.

"whenever I'm doing what I want, I am China and do, whether to China beneficial", Edison Chan said, do one thing to not only the money and interests into consideration, China will be the next super the power in the world, all things need to measure the international standard for consideration. To improve the quality of China made, let the Chinese made, Chinese design things based on the world brand forest.

" this speech occurred in the second New York China Development Forum September 30th, the vibration and heat up so long, because Edison Chan once again refresh all to his cognition: I did not expect the other day. Edison brother, has been in as much as we can to promote Chinese culture.

these years, in order to open the Chinese market, many international brands are beginning to take the China wind, but a style.

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Edison Chen since 2003 created the tide brand CLOT, also with the participation of the clothing design, he made out of China properly due to the wind, walk in the forefront of fashion.

early fashion costume, full flavor of the year:

"images from WeChat

and Nike cooperation is the Beastmaster" shoes was Eason Chan put on the Spring Festival gala.

and Adidas shoes, handbags with spring elements:

and CONVERSE cooperation in the shoes can be very beautiful: the

extraction on Tai Chi black and white two colors in the rough texture of suede shoes, embellishment on the inside of the · from "the Analects of Confucius; Xian asked" "ancient scholars for himself, this man of scholars has become the biggest

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