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Final Fantasy: class= "img_box" id= dispute

"Final Fantasy" launched a series of so much attention on the plot SE, which makes people have high popularity, impressive. How can manufacturers not have such a huge resource when they have such good resources? So we have the final fantasy: strife.

in fact, we're going to see this final fantasy: discord, not a new one, as early as 2015, it landed on the arcade platform. This time on the PS4 platform, of course, will include all the latest changes. In the future, there will be plenty of new people and skins to download as DLC.

"Final Fantasy: dispute" is essentially a 3D combat game, although in other people's eyes it is more like "Gundam" series of Shanzhai, but the actual players will find the difference. "Final Fantasy: dispute" with a strong RPG breath, variable loading with different effects, is the essence of the game fighting system. Just looking for the best solution in your mind is enough to consume a lot of time.

so if you're interested in this kind of fighting game, or the diehard fans of the final fantasy series, then this game is worth playing. Not to mention anything else, just looking at people who have moved us together or fighting together, or tit for tat, is enough to make people feel excited.

two country 2:

Hayao Miyazaki movie if the game, what will it look like? The answer is "the two states" series. If a system that you are obsessed with the Ghibli Level-5 production, so the "two country 2: the nation" will be able to meet you. As

said, "the two in 2: the nation" inherited the biggest bright spot before, that is strong and Ghibli style, master Hisaishi personally penned the music. This fantastic combination is enough to be the reason why many players try it out.

as for the game itself, at least from the "two country" original performance, it is a very orthodox Japanese RPG. All the expectations and worries of the Japanese RPG can be seen in this work. So it is difficult to make a definite evaluation of this series, because the game is certainly very good right, but the Japanese RPG, love the people love, do not love the people can not accept the rhythm and performance, so in the final analysis, or Different people, different views. problems.

if there is no accident, "two country 2: the country of the dead" in the sense of giving people should not change much. In fact, for the audience, they don't want the group to make any strange innovations. So we should be sure, "two country 2: country of the dead" will still be that gorgeous Japanese style RPG.

so a new piece like this, will it be your dish? It is worth mentioning that this is no longer the exclusive host, PC platform will also usher in the first show of this series.

" do not know you have played before the SONY platform exclusive of a horror game "till dawn"? It has unique gameplay as a topic for the "sick" with "prequel until dawn", said the story occurs in the latter period of 60 years ago. The reason why

got so much attention until dawn was because there were fewer horror games to do like this. Players are faced with a lot of choices in the game, and these choices are sometimes pure options, sometimes small games. Many options bring the story to a completely different direction, sometimes tragically, and sometimes to hope. A lot of earlier choices will influence what happens later, and a little bit of the butterfly effect.

but frankly, "until dawn" is more like the advanced form of the text AVG, but it does not have the traditional drawing and dialog box, everything in a movie like sense of real-time display on the screen. In addition to making a choice, most of the players are watching the play. Like people who feel like they've gone through an interactive movie, and they don't like it, they think it's almost impossible to play.

from the "sick" now public information, it still will inherit "until dawn" style. However, the new work seems to give up most of the terrorist elements and turn to suspense, focusing on the truth and conspiracy behind the mysterious events. It should be wise to say that the development group is wise, because the most critical place to the dawn is in the element of terror. The reason why the word of mouth crashes before is because the story begins to become absurd and far fetched from the middle and late stages, and the so-called terror is also a low-level surprise. Now that you can't handle terror, focus on telling stories.

if you don't need the gameplay, feel in front of the TV tongtongkuaikuai to see a field can be controlled by their own drama to the film was good, it is worth looking forward to the "sick". Given the variety of options that lead to a variety of story developments, the game might be worth playing a lot of times.

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