Red net so much as the western style tea sister

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a few days ago, the legendary "little Yang Mi" out of the sun and tea sister Akizawa Chanel Tianxiang activities in Chengdu photo, tea sister even before get to gain a complete victory, her beautiful point, this saw her natural beauty".

, of course, we also found that more and more fashionable activities of milk tea, clothing products are also getting higher and higher.

just yesterday is the birthday of tea sister, want to talk about the history of milk tea sister metamorphosis.

event review

early experience

now mention Zhang Zetian, you still have a picture of her holding milk tea impressed. Because of this photo, pure looking Zhang Zetian popular network, known as "tea sister" by netizens".

2011, Zhang Zetian for her expertise in Aerobics plus a lot of points, but also through the Tsinghua unripe written examination and interview, with excellent comprehensive quality for Tsinghua University, as a member of the university students in the.

then, Zhang Zetian also hosted the Jiangsu TV program "burning the brain".

about love

milk tea sister is not only beautiful and talented, but also has enviable love.

2014 April 14th, Zhang Zetian and Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong's love was exposed by the media. In May 26th

2015, Liu Qiangdong asked Zhang Zetian to marry him. In October of the same year, Zhang Zetian and Liu Qiangdong held their wedding ceremony in australia. It's a dream for most girls to marry into a wealthy family.

" although some people say that Zhang Zetian is for the money to marry the man her much larger than female brains, but I feel the eyes don't lie, they look at each other when the eyes are full of affection.

2016, milk tea successfully completed production, become a mother.

married life

after marriage, the milk tea sister did not rely on her husband to support her, but more and more independent, with strength to prove themselves. She is not only enthusiastic about public welfare, but also made a lot of investment, and the communication circle is becoming more and more fierce.


"with Wendy Deng, Cai Guoqiang, wolf t Hugh Jackman and his wife for dinner.


fashion history period love love period tea sister, dressed as a student, there is no fashion at all, with a very simple rustic, but the face is good, so can be attracted to Liu Qiangdong.

rich colors, maybe to show girls breath, but can only see Taobao the breath of the wind.


and hadron after marriage, as not too wide, natural and ultimately big body.

bag and shoes are Chanel though, but still feel not enough.

and Tian Pujun photo was completely brilliant Alexander McQueen pressure, the scarf looks like to spread the goods, little ladies temperament.

wearing Valentino skirt accompany hadron attend activities, also still owe so much heat.

promotion hot mom,

Jingdong in the fashion ambition continues to reveal, as Jingdong fashion brand acquisition consultant tea sister, after becoming a mother, fashion resources to take off, with a modeling team of her clothing products also soared.

, when the mother's milk tea sister learned to do subtraction, abandon the girls' color, simple black and white appears more capable and generous.

milk tea, sister show more and more activities, clothing products are also online more.

to attend the Cannes Film Festival,

black Jumpsuit sweet her a handsome, let the whole atmosphere a lot of lip color.

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Red net so much as the western style tea sister