As the new staff holding the "reset", hold the file without Jia Yueting signature

Turnover Internet stocks

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"my 1 million shares have been cleared, old Jia (Jia Yueting) is too pit."! "A music to new (LETV net company) former executives of E company, the Securities Times reporter complained that their music to new equity boondoggle.

" according to a reporter from a number of music to new employees understand, recently, to the new music as many of the core staff to be informed, their music to new equity all been cleared".

, according to the latest news, music as employee shares held by Jia Yueting generation at least LETV, music as the new, music cloud, music as the financial four companies, as the new music, when the ESOP reached 90%, have been cleared.

in addition, informed sources, known as music department executives were cleared the largest amount reached hundreds of millions of yuan.

back before, in January this year as the introduction of financial record as a war vote, Jia Yueting will not only LETV held 10.4% as the new registered capital to financial innovation, and as ESOP platform Le Xin asset holdings of 15.71% as the new registered capital sold to the financial record.

"this transaction has been completed, we pass Xin Le assets held by music as a new equity, all cleared up, in fact, we already know this, which exacerbated the resignation of many shareholding employees. "These music as a result of the new former executives explained.

Jia Yueting of

employee dishonesty in fact, as the new employee is cleared have been avoided, but Jia Yueting stood me up again.

in January this year, LETV introduced SUNAC as war vote, SUNAC registered capital by Jia Rui Huixin LETV and transferee Le Xin asset respectively hold 10.4% and 15.71% as the new, the price of 2 billion 302 million yuan and 2 billion 648 million yuan.

, Xin Le assets is music as the employee stock ownership platform. In music as the introduction of financial innovation as a war investment plan promises, "follow up, Xin Le assets will use the funds through parity trading or other reasonable way to obtain music holdings holding music as the new corresponding proportion of equity, continue to be used for employee stock ownership."".

, however, since then, there is no funds to obtain any music as a new share of the corresponding proportion of the music control held by any way.

, according to media reports, Le Xin asset transfer to the financial record as the new equity should be made as the holding transfer, but because the music holdings as the new equity pledged state, unable to use, so Jia Yueting temporary borrowing of Xinle assets as the new shares to complete the transaction.

at the time, Jia Yueting promised to the company's employees, the future redemption of Pledged Shares will be returned to Xin Le assets. After the event, Jia Yueting and music as the holding of the shares pledged to freeze, the money obtained from the financial creation is not used to redeem the shares. Shares of class=

map for employees and Jia Yueting signed, only the signature, no signature Jia yueting.

therefore, Xin Le assets held by music as a result of the new equity transfer to the financial record, the platform will not have the money to buy back music as a new equity, and ultimately as the music employees hold the music as a result of the new equity was cleared.

as of now, Xin Le assets as music as the employee stock ownership platform, only holding the music as a new 1.98% of the shares, ranked as the new fifth largest shareholder of music. For the

of LETV Jia Yueting employee dishonesty, a still serving the music to new staff told reporters that "although Jia Yueting is a major shareholder of Le Xin asset, but the company in the implementation of equity incentive plan and employee signed the agreement, the company and the employee agreed for the right conditions, also agreed that if the employee turnover can half of the shares in their own name. But now Jia Yueting has transferred the employee's equity to the financial creation, and he went abroad not to repay the money, and the result is that we have worked hard to get the equity cleared, and the feeling is a hoax. "

employees: feel abandoned,

just four days ago, music as a new arrival of a turning point.".

11 16 July morning, SUNAC Chinese announced that a subsidiary of new conditions agreed to provide 500 million yuan loan to the music, as the general operating funds for new; conditionally agreed to provide 1 billion 290 million yuan loan to LETV LETV, for general operating funds; at the same time, SUNAC real estate has agreed to provide conditions a total of not more than 3 billion yuan guarantee LETV existing debt and new debt.

in this regard, SUNAC China said the company to provide music to new LETV and limit the amount of loans and guarantees, is made in the music to new music, cloud and other related Baocuo equity pledge to ensure that the premise of risk control, to support the normal operation of the smart TV business camp, and restore the brand and credit as soon as possible.

but, music as a new turn for those who have held the music as a new equity employees, can only be counted as a dream. The

service as the new employee said, "although he knows music as caused by the new equity crisis in LETV after devaluation, now can not be realized, but before we have a glimmer of obsession, but many employees feel after leaving the remaining half of the equity one day can become a fortune, but now all the feeling of being cleared, now the music has been abandoned. "


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