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(original title: the bride married do the bride price, he received from party gifts and blessings) in contrast to

Xinhua news agency in Shijiazhuang on 20 November, and some rural bride price phenomenon, Hebei Hejian a bride to break the shackles, don't get married, not a penny of real new bride, her practice in the local "friends scraper ring. Hejian municipal leaders also heard the new couple after the news, and sent a wedding gift and blessing.

, bridegroom, ginger and bride, Liu Yingying are Hejian natives. Last year, Jiang Sishui came to a company Hejian after work, Liu Yingying gradually met and fell in love with colleagues. The Jiang Sishui family in general, brother married live in rural hometown house, parents, sisters and his five in the city Sanshiliangting house. According to the local rural customs, marriage not only to have new buildings in the city, and the man will give the woman 188 thousand yuan bride. Jiang Sishui doesn't want to let parents embarrassed, also don't want to let myself be wronged Liu Yingying, committed.

two of the company's leadership to understand the situation after the sun Jizhi persuade them: "now the rural bride price popular, many families to get married children carrying heavy debts, loans and even marriage are not in the minority, so really happy? True happiness comes from two people's tolerance, understanding and common struggle. Do you all work hard and are afraid of the bad life in the future? "

, Sishui Jiang married Liu Yingying field.

two quickly figured out, but Liu Yingying's parents can not accept: "betrothal gifts is the embodiment of daughter value, which is not to marry the bride? "Liu Yingying is still adamant, is not the bride. Sun Jizhi has repeatedly went to Liu Yingying parents talk, the two old people finally open heart knot, the mother of Liu Yingying said: "if a child is happy, whatever. "

Jiang Sishui to parents and sisters, with a simple decoration house as a wedding room, adding a Zhang Xinchuang, a wardrobe, a wedding photo shoot. No independent houses, not a penny of betrothal, November 4th, the couple held a simple wedding.

media published the story of two people, the netizen comments and praise in the local "circle of friends" shuabing. "True love is not bought with money."! Blessing! "Happy marriage is what price? The old people always think much to the bride betrothal gifts is the guarantee of happiness, in fact this gift may become a new obstacle to happiness, let them have the gap. Advocate zero betrothal, get rid of bad habits! Cheer for true happiness! … …

Hejian municipal Party committee secretary Yin Weijiang knew the young couple people afterwards, the afternoon of the 15 day came to their units, send wedding gifts and blessings. Yin Weijiang praised the bride Liu Yingying brought a good start in the city's civilization activities initiated by people, and called on the city's youth to learn from them.

" Secretary of municipal Party committee Yin Weijiang, Jiang Sishui Hejian to visit Liu Yingying.

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