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class click on the title of 's young" attention to the new media department of

| young business school the day before yesterday, we launched a free electronic magazine "youth TED speech the most complete collection", 148 page PDF, (the) full of dry cargo. Many friends said, too practical, and now the children are not easy, from the beginning of grade two or three, you have to do Presentation, until the middle school is more frequent. So, how to use scientific methods to enhance public expression ability, is a technical activity.

at the same time, the famous speech platform - TED swept the world, become the golden template of speech. Many American school speech class with TED as the standard, through investigation and research, brainstorming, sharing (Project Presentation) to cultivate students' "18 minutes to change the world" creativity and future leadership. This paper selected 30 field show color in the previous TED podium of the children's speech, starting from innovation learning, social practice, scientific design, philosophy of life a total of four aspects, for the child, not only for teaching speech skills, stimulate expression of desire, but pass a world changing temperament and spirit.

reminder: the children of American leadership and best live speech course -- "youth TED" speech, anywhere in the world at the age of 9-13 creative youth can apply, this weekend will be open tomorrow (November 22nd) 23:59 deadline , click here to grab the last seat.


1, "innovative learning" hacker learning method "makes me happy"

Hackschooling makes me happy

Speaker: Logan LaPlante

this is a 13 year old boy, he left the traditional school at the age of 9, to become a "black guest", so-called hackers, hiding in the basement of the computer intrusion others offenders, but those who dare to challenge the existing system and change the system, make the world more advanced game player. Hacker thinking allows us to change the world, and it combines health, happiness and creativity to form Logan's education system.

copy the following URL can be opened in the browser to watch:


2, "

Breaking the" to break the language barrier language barrier

Tim Doner

Tim Doner16 Speaker: at the age of nearly 20 to master the language, from when he was little, he found the self has to accurately mimic some of the voices of the characters of radio and television programs, he is learning a foreign language only one purpose: it's fun, can help me to communicate with foreigners, understand their culture.

https://v.qq.com/x/cover/3kbathuhatwhdv3/m0016awty63.html (foreign language), "


< /p> Speaker: Yang Yifan

of Taiwan juvenile Yang Alton, at the age of 14 to carry the camera, took five years to make a exploration of "learning case" documentary. When he was a middle school student, he put forward a "Taiwan education reform project", which was the benchmark of Taiwan's "anti base test". "Base test" is equivalent to the mainland entrance exam, is the only way for Taiwan students to rise high school.


4, "5

5 ways" destroy the dream for the to kill your dreams

, a 17 year old was born in an ordinary family, it took only two weeks by the world's top universities MIT (MIT) admitted to her girl. The global youth lists five "no advice advice".

read in MIT, she walked mechanical, mathematics, management and other professional, after graduation to Microsoft, Google and Wall Street. When the "fortune" magazine rated her as "one of the 30 young people under the age of 30, she told us that if you believe overnight and once and for all, will only realize the dream more and more far away from.


5, "the discovery is interesting, do a nosy person"

Quest is fun be nosey

" Speaker: Tristan Tang

Tristan is a mathematical genius, he read the University 12 revenue will be 16 years old, graduated from Oakland University. In his spare time, Tristan has multiple identities: he is the leader of the community swimming club, the initiator of educational chat groups and online learning platforms, as well as radio broadcasters and public speakers.

https://www.youtube.com/watch? V=sbMKX4J03nY

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