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GRE examination, details determine success or failure. In addition to the examination before and after careful study preparation work, candidates also need to test related details and matters needing attention to do a comprehensive and full understanding. The examination room information is an important part of it. The following Xiaobian will bring you the GRE examination room in Hubei: the information of the examination room of Hubei Chu Cai exam Service Co., ltd..

examination of the basic situation:

test code:

STN80128B: Shahu test base building No. 2 room 602 Tel:

027-51239870; 13419636799

address: Hubei District of Wuchang city in Wuhan Province, Xueyuan Road 12, Hubei Province Education Examination Yuan Shahu test base

zip code: 430062

line: 573777802811 road car navigation College station.

live evaluation:

exam evaluation 1:

next to Hubei University, there is a hotel 50 meters away. Because in the examination room, the examination environment is still very good.

attention WeChat public number [study in the afternoon]:

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