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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-11-21 09:36:06

has been on sale since 2016, "final fantasy world" with its fresh style and Q adorable people gain a lot of fans, and will be the day after tomorrow (November 22nd) on the Steam platform. The latest news is that the game will launch a mobile phone version of the sequel, is expected by the end of the sale, with the support of Android iOS system.

" sequel developed by Drecom and distribution, positioning for casual games. As before, Hashimoto Shinji was the executive producer, and Chiba Hiroki served as the supervisor. Players will be able to take the "Garden Dome" who can become friends with the shadow beast, and adventure in the different world "Varugaran".

is a good sequel followed the success before, impressive "this" system is still retained, can support up to 6 trumpets (S), only 4 fans shadow beast medium (M) and 2 large fans shadow beast and beast (L) shadow superposition. The original characters appearing in the previous works will continue to debut in this book.

" at the same time, the sequel to the game before and will vary, may also support multi joint operations.

said the mobile phone version of the sequel, the game development team said that early in the previous development, they have launched a mobile phone version of the idea, but made from scratch version of the mobile phone will substantially increase the cost of development, so they decided to focus on the host platform, lay a good foundation. With the "final fantasy world" hot 800 thousand sets, supported by the players from home and abroad, they will put the money into the production of mobile phone version.

, they say, the story of the final fantasy series is going to continue now.

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