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" in the layout strategy Ali "like" type, Darunfa parent company Gao Xin finally joined the new retail retail camp. In November 20th, Gao Xin retail announced that Ali will invest about 22 billion 400 million Hong Kong dollars to buy Gao Xin retail 36.16% shares, while Gao Xin retail's 446 hypermarkets will be Ali's new retail test field. From the earliest for intime strategic investment, to invest in the Sanjiang shopping, then joined the Bailian Group, the new retail ecosystem Ali expanding. And for Gao Xin retail, in the traditional hypermarkets malaise situation, Ali's ability to inject will also be the opportunity for the transformation of the group development. The retail industry has become the new trend of development, but some analysts believe that the new retail is still in its embryonic stage, the integration of the electricity supplier enterprises and business entities in the Internet, technology and other aspects still need time, Ali teamed up with the Gao Xin retail can bring much impact remains to be tested for the retail industry.

a new round of retail collision

Ali in the construction of the new retail territory, never stint funds. In November 20th, Gao Xin retail announced that Taobao China Holdings Limited intends to invest 16 billion 121 million Hong Kong dollars to acquire 26.02% of Gao Xin's retail equity; at the same time, invested 6 billion 293 million Hong Kong dollars to buy Xin Xin shares for sale 19.9%. After the completion of the acquisition, Ali will hold a total of 36.16% shares of Gao Xin retail, became the second largest shareholder, and occupies two directors of Gao Xin retail 5 seats in the board.

Ali and Gao Xin retail teamed up, the two sides of resources will gradually achieve integration. It is reported that Ali to Gao Xin's retail shops and business China Darunfa Auchan Chinese provides Ali's business model and online platform, realize the sharing of data between the two sides, and POS hardware integrated system for docking. This means that Darunfa and Auchan business will be through the use of Internet technology and Ali system increase the flow of real business benefits. Ali said, Ali's digital ecosystem will promote Gao Xin retail stores digital, and the new retail solutions applied to Gao Xin stores, including online and offline integration, modern logistics and personalized consumer experience.

, Auchan, RT 2 brand 446 business super supermarkets in the country, including Auchan 77, RT 369, these stores have covered over 28 provinces in first-tier cities and towns. Gao Xin's retail entity resources will become a powerful support for Ali to expand the new retail territory. For the cooperation between the two sides, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said, this means that the retail industry will achieve barcode scanning represented by the "IT era", to the big data and online and offline integration as the representative of the "DT era" change.

and Gao Xin each one takes what he needs before marriage retail, Ali has on the line of business entities frequently shot. From this entity former investment Suning, Sanjiang shopping, intime retail giant, in February of this year and Bailianjituan jointly, Ali is the value of the operation ability of traditional retail business line.

in the cooperation of the corporate entity, is the new incoming Ali intime retail territory is the earliest and the representative of the partners, for the first time in cooperation with ALI intime 2014 double 11, intime business all of its stores will be put into the mall shop discount code, become "line fitting room". As of May this year, the completion of the privatization of the Yintai, Yintai opened with ALI, Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, reputation system. Public data show that this year, "double 11" intime passenger flow grew by 22%, sales increased by 25%.

in the help of intime pull department store reform prelude, in the field of business super, Ali also accelerate pace. In addition, in November last year, Ali to establish a strategic partnership, through equity cooperation and shopping in Sanjiang in February this year, Ali has reached a strategic cooperation with Bailian Group, now in the new retail Ali layout, supermarkets add Darunfa and auchan. In the industry view, these entities are super Ali for the construction of new imagination. According to Gao Xin retail 2017 semi annual report shows that the group has 8% of the stores located in the first tier cities, 17% of the stores are located in second tier cities, the distribution rate of three lines of cities reached 45%, the distribution rate of four lines of cities reached 22%, and the distribution rate of

in the second tier cities is higher than that in the second tier cities. Analysts believe that the demographic dividend gradually disappear, the electronic business platform is accelerating the sinking of the channel, in order to seek greater development space. Gao Xin retail market share in the three or four line is enough to provide practical support for Ali channel sink.


teamed up in February this year, Ali and Gao Xin have marriage retail news, but when the two sides have denied this, and ultimately to the rumors of Ali and the brilliance of the joint end. 9 months later, the cooperation between Ali and Gao Xin resurfaced. For Gao Xin retail, the joint with ALI, or this entity retail predators transition opportunities. In recent years, physical retailing has been in recession for years. According to word of mouth CBNData released the "2017 line retail new ecological report" shows that the traditional retail hypermarkets sales share has dropped from 24.1% in 2012 to 20.9% in 2016.

facing the depressed entity retail situation, Gao Xin retail try to build e-commerce platform to seek the opportunity to break. Gao Xin's B2C electronic commerce platform was officially launched on January 2014

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