A generation of American "refrigerator" King Frestech electrical crashing down

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appliance industry be caught off guard with a bang, generation of dignity, once the "refrigerator" King Frestech appliances fell! The year of

, a "good advertising, as well Frestech refrigerator Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River this ad, now will soon become a swan song.

" recently, the Henan province old appliance manufacturers Frestech but because of poor management and the government to submit an application for reorganization, on the verge of collapse.

" recently, a Frestech appliance reforming that outflow, "under the capital chain pressure, currently only stop production activities . The statement said that the company has been in a state of sustained losses for the past few years. Although the foreign shareholders have given a lot of money and support, but still can not completely restore the company's market challenges.

wrote that seek legal protection, Frestech prepared by entering the reforming of , obtain the legal protection, enabling the company to enter a relatively safe operating environment, and can focus on the company's regeneration strategy design. Frestech has launched a working group, including management personnel and Yongan Shanghai consulting company representative. At the same time, the supervisor shall be appointed by the court to supervise the reorganization work. The working group will convert the relevant assets into cash, but it will take time to process.

another industry obtained Frestech electrical board by Frestech staff letter that Frestech company is not prepared to carry out liquidation. The management team will continue to examine potential strategic partners to use Frestech trademark.

experts said that the choice of Frestech appliances, is obviously not willing to large shareholders of the once in Chinese appliance industry have good memories of the old brand out of the home appliance market stage, may become a burden of the realization of brand resources.

according to local media reports in Henan, the plant has been shut down since November 1st, the factory has been in the absence of security, the warehouse and workshop are affixed with seals.

"to go to the bank Frestech Ning,"

in the most brilliant Frestech, known as the refrigerator industry "Four Golden Flowers" in the old , it's in the back row is Haier, Ronshen, MeiLing.

1996, Frestech achieve brilliant, hit the country refrigerator brands in the top three good results, market share was almost equal to 20%. GREE did not carry out the refrigerator business, nor SIEMENS, Samsung what?.

until 2005, also Frestech refrigerator sales in the country ranked third, up to 300 million .

Frestech was founded in 1984 by Henan, a transformation from arsenal. 10 years ago, in the old generation of new air under the leadership of its invincible in the home appliance market.

at that time, many families to afford Frestech refrigerator for glory. even in some rural areas, one of the criteria to find the object the woman is the man at home there is no Frestech refrigerator!

in the memory of the old staff Zhou Hua, early with his batch of workers, many are entrusted relations, can enter the factory as a temporary worker. Because the factory is good. When the object, wear uniforms blind, others will see you several eye, "a face more than a suit and tie". There is a saying:

Frestech a year wages, employees worry about being robbed from work. before the new flying wear overalls to buy food, the market owners to ask for a higher price, know the new trapeze rich.

for older employees who talked about, was the Frestech appliances welfare. The canteen is open for 24 hours, free to eat and not to pay. During the holidays, the things that you eat can't be eaten. "

, according to a senior staff Fu Yingli said, the 1996 Spring Festival, Frestech appliances for each staff per person per 10 pounds, 10 pounds of meat fish, 50 pounds of rice standard, issued welfare. some families because many people in the Frestech work, send too many things, but "begged" Bingyin Chairman Liu "don't send".

"to go to the bank Frestech Ning," became the Xinxiang City, some young people's pet phrase.

former big brother into the "non brand"

with the integration of the capital market, "Four Golden Flowers" the fate of different way: Ronshen reverted to Hisense Kelon, MeiLing Changhong Frestech Sunday after integration, easy gradually decline, the rise of the United States is gradually out of the top four.

the latest data show that 9 months of 2017, Frestech refrigerator market retail volume and retail sales accounted for 2.83%, 1.70%, the average price is 2202 yuan, has already been out of the ranks of the top ten industries.

" in the Jingdong Frestech refrigerator on the page, only more than 100 comments, many buyers said the products are durable and cheap, but the tide of new technology, fashion, these words seem to have Frestech and refrigerator insulation.

according to an electric store related personnel revealed,

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