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nanfangdoushibao· 2017-11-21 14:00:31

Xi Mengyao in Shanghai's big show accidentally fell

last night, Shanghai's big show

properly contracted micro-blog hot search

six in die Liu Wen and he spike, Xi Mengyao,

, Xie Xin, Wang Ju Wen Yi and Chinese

model Chen Yu's

on the big show this has enough suction eye

" last night but maxed circle of friends is undoubtedly Xi Mengyao's show on

in the fall! Pour! The!

directly onto the micro-blog hot search first

was also labeled "explosive"

is a more prospective middle close ups of

360° in the circle of friends; no dead maxed out this fall

as the top international catwalk stage

to stage

's beautifully rendered model requirements in complex heavy clothing accessories

and unimaginable shoes high-heeled shoes

you can see in the video

Xi Mengyao wearing a transparent gauze skirt strap

to you all the way. The wings came when she waved

raised his hands in a lively atmosphere when

accidentally fell to the ground suddenly attracted the audience to a

Surprised many people shouting and cheering sound

, but as a debut 7 years

can say a supermodel supermodel Xi Mengyao fell after a veteran in battle


lift the upper body arranged large wings at the back of the

with the help of

station walk T

fixed-point pose are also very beautiful

reflects the professional quality of the audience also supermodel

" after the event, Xi Mengyao also made a response

for the first time the star friends came to comfort women is also visible Xiaoxian

and Bang Bang Da from drying out a photo of Chen Xuedong Xi Mengyao

visible fall is not light, ankle is badly swollen

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" to see China supermodel fell

users simply do not have distressed

to play call

very warm heart Xi Yao

" sharp eyed netizens

before Chen Xuedong Xi Mengyao micro-blog message

"go, I won't help you drop the"

God of this prophecy, is powerful! There are

" before the micro-blog

to delete a lot of friends Chen Xuedong micro-blog message

ememem&hellip" how do you say

; … Xi Mengyao is accidentally fell

this is just a joke between friends. Chen Xuedong did not want to let

at the same time with friends began to worry about Xi Mengyao's life

model because she said in a TV show "if

's fall down in May, retired"

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