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zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-11-21 21:27:58

Tencent "eat chicken" hand tour "glorious mission: Mission action" since the opening appointment, the entire platform has more than 25 million players successfully booked. Tencent is opening the test today (21). But today's announcement threw a cold water on the player who wanted to use the apple mobile phone to play Tencent "eat chicken".

glorious test open service announcement

"glorious mission: Mission action" official said, booking just for the game on the line to communicate. And want to play the game "glorious test", also need to grab activation code, with the activation code can be preemptive experience. The way to get this activation code is to fill out a questionnaire, in addition to the whole point of the code.

" game of the first to experience qualifications need to grab the code

" questionnaire questionnaire for screenshots of

but some people eat melon Speechless, besides the common occupation, age section and contact, but also fill profile (the need to highlight the strengths and the level of the game, but also is required), the personal representative of the level of home (as required). In addition to the need to submit a play "survival" in the Jedi Steam data on the screenshot, although not required, but the core game player can see the test for the "survival" of the jedi.

" to submit a "Jedi" survival data (non essential)

. In addition, the glorious test game only for Android mobile phone platform, using the iOS platform, apple mobile phone users don't have in vain, the author is an empty joy field. I hope Tencent can accelerate the speed of internal testing, so that iOS players can eat chicken as soon as possible".

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Tencent hand eat chicken today test Apple users worry

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