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2017, Thailand Bay, Pattaya, the grand ASEANIFR2017 international ship reading style is held here. The International Regatta, the most important is the role of time has not seen Thailand aircraft carrier "chuck • Nanu Bate". This aircraft carrier is the smallest aircraft carrier in the world today, and it has a very important position in the navy of Thailand.

guys are standing in "chuck • on the deck and waved the ski jump, Nanu bethe" over a helicopter flying at a low altitude. The ship's keel was laid keel in July 12th CVH-9111994, launched in January 20, 1996 and served in March 27, 1997. This year, the aircraft carrier has just served 30 years.

"chuck • Nanu bethe" aircraft carrier with a displacement of only 11 thousand and 400 tons, if removed from the common surface combat ships in the distance, it is difficult to tell it is an aircraft carrier. For now, the surface ships are built very large, destroyers are made to more than 10000 tons, the frigate tonnage has more than 8000 tons, and "chuck • Nanu bethe" not much bigger than their heads.

, the id= international ship to see ships, many of them are familiar faces ASEANIFR2017. "Pinckney", near the U.S. Navy, is a "Burke" class destroyer, laying keel in July 16, 2001, launched in June 26, 2002, served in May 29, 2004, the ship age is relatively short. The ship's full load displacement is 9200 tons, which is no less than more than 2000 tons of Thailand aircraft carrier tonnage.

" in this photo is a "Sigma" class frigates, destroyers named "Rheden • Eddie • Natalie Mata Mata. The ship is "Sigma 10514", and "No. 331" is the first warship of the Indonesia navy. The frigate was commissioned in April 7th this year, and its layout is quite similar to that of the 056 frigate in china.

"&bull for the Bangladesh Navy Samudeluo; Joey frigate. Although the ship was called a frigate, it was actually a "Hamilton" class patrol ship of the US Coast guard. The ship was decommissioned in March 30, 2012 and handed over to the Bangladesh Navy in May 23, 2013 and became one of the largest warships in the country with a displacement of 3250 tons.

, near the two frigates in India, namely "Card Matt" (near) and "Sutter" (far). The "Matt card" is a 3000 ton frigate, mainly used for anti submarine. "Sutter Pla" is a "Shivalik class frigate, the full load displacement of 6200 tons, ship larger than 054A a lot in China escort.

" in the latest is a ship of the Thailand navy "nale vanoh" class frigate, the ship hull number 422, named "taksim". This frigate must be familiar to everyone, that's the product we built in china. The ship served in 1995, with a displacement of 2985 tons, and is mainly used in Western countries.

this ship is also built in China, the number of ship 253, ship name "Saif", belong to "Zulfiqar" class. This class of ships can also be called "sword" class, the model is F-22P, a total of 4 ships. The "Saif" frigate was commissioned in September 15th 201, with a standard drainage capacity of 2500 tons and a full load of 3144 tons of water discharge.

" in the photo of this ship is an old acquaintance, "Pan Jie panjielieyefuhaijun" destroyer. The ship laid keel in May 24, 1987, launched in 1988 and served in May 1, 1992, belonging to the "fearless" class, with a standard drainage capacity of 6200 tons, and a full load of 7900 tons of water discharge. Russia's destroyers are old ships, the largest number is the "dauntless" class destroyer.

" from the air, photographed by the reading groups. The cruise ship is a relatively large scale activities, a total of more than 30 ships and more than 20 types of aircraft to participate. The purpose of the ship reading was mainly to celebrate the establishment of ASEAN 50th anniversary. In addition to the ship reading style, there are also the first ASEAN naval multilateral exercises, expert seminars, sports exchanges and ASEAN Food night, etc..

our navy participated in the ship type warship is a 052C destroyer, the ship for the ship
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