What is the love of a Cancer boy?

Cancer man birth love yes what cancer in twelve constellations inside ranking number four

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cancer is the fourth constellation in the twelve constellation . What are the personalities of cancer people? Cancer people in life with people will play their maternal glory, they tend to be able to bring warmth and love. In life, different people's attitude to emotion is not the same, then you know the cancer boys face love, what kind of love concept? What kind of performance does it have?


1. analysis of cancer boys love

cancer: I will take care of the family to take care of you,

mood Cancer man I really love the family, for a woman, is not to a man's heart and feelings the sense of stability, the two things men cancer can do good. However, the moon guardian of his heart is very sensitive, he is always doing one thing is the guardian of her heart, a temple will let him to hide their shells, so your cancer man, you must give enough love and tolerance, and sometimes even to himself as his mother as to care about his feelings. (fortune telling www.tiejiong.com)

2., Cancer boy's love bottom line

Cancer man is the representative of heavy affection. It can be said that a lot of cancer men are with a lot of mother or sister plot. If he finds out that his wife can't get along with the people closest to her, I'm afraid love is going to turn red. When you again and he mentioned his family to your ignorance and injustice, when you again and again and his family have greatly small quarrel, when you again and again to face his family when, in his heart has been slowly away from you.

3., Cancer boy's love minefield,

, cancer family, the most sacred

cancer, value family and friends most, so don't IQ down to criticize his family and friends in front of him. Remember, your communication is that he, rather than his brother is careless about dressing, or burned hand lancai, was pleased with oneself's mother, so to maintain the safest manner. Between lies and lies, sometimes white lies are better for cancer lovers. Some things never have let him know, should close the mouth, do not mention a word, even about to speak, but saying nothing such things should be avoided.

cancer people quarrel, not love hate confrontation, so there is a friction, let their own quiet, if you die with them, will only make them more to the hard shell shrinkage. The cold war is for cancer people to adjust and relax, not necessarily to escape from the problem. You have to be patient and often imagine yourself as an angel when you associate with cancer.

: a comprehensive summary of the above, we can understand that cancers are the most attention to their family and friends, so in life, cancer is not able to allow others to easily criticize their family and friends, cancer is not love positive conflict with people. So the emotional minefield of cancer boys is the holiest of cancer families.

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